Consistently updating and engaging with your OFW candidates to keep them interested in continuing their application is more important now as we figure out deployment procedures in the "new normal". Doing this can give you these advantages:

  • Having readily available best talents
  • Being ahead of other competing agencies
  • Creating a great impression to your applicants because of the efforts and care you showed making you trustworthy to be their most preferred agency in the future.

Here are WorkAbroad features you can use to easily update your candidates.

1. Use Email Applicants feature in your WorkAbroad Hirer Account

Sending important messages such as POEA-related updates, applications status, article tips, and other agency announcements to several applicants can eat up a lot of time and energy but with the Email feature, you can now do it conveniently and systematically. You can do this with these steps.

  1. Log-in to your WorkAbroad account
  2. Select "Applicants" from your dashboard
  3. Click on "Online Applications"
  4. Select a specific job posting/vacancy

  1. On the Manage Online Application page, click on an application tracking folder you would like to access
  2. Select the applicant(s) you wish to send an email to by clicking on the checkbox on the right side.

Note: Even though you can send one email to more than one applicant, the email feature will still send it as an individual email to each applicant.

  1. Click "Email Applicants"
  2. Type in your message.
  3. Click "Send Email" once you are done. A notification box should appear to let you know that your email has been successfully sent to the applicants.

2. Update your Tracking Application folders

Applicants will always feel more reassured if they know that their applications are still being processed. You can provide a regular and immediate update using the Tracking Application folders. Any “drag” or “folder update” will trigger a notification on the candidates’ account.

This feature is extremely useful for agencies especially those who don’t have their own tracking system. It organizes your list of applicants just by moving applications from one folder to another, updating your system and your applicants in one go. Here is the status for each folder.

  1. Unprocessed: The resume has been received and subject for further evaluation.
  2. Sourced from Database: The resume was obtained by employers browsing the resume database.
  3. Shortlisted: The applicant passed the pre-screening and the resume may be forwarded to employer.
  4. Lined up for Interview: The resume has been reviewed and the agency has invited you for an interview.
  5. Deployed: The applicant was hired by the agency, and was successfully categorized as "for deployment" or "deployed" in the WorkAbroad hirer account.
  6. Kept for Reference: The resume is kept for future reference.
  7. Rejected: The resume has been reviewed and did not meet the company's qualifications.
  8. Blacklisted: The applicant can apply to maximum of three positions within one agency. But if you're seeing questionable behavior from the candidate, you can choose to "blacklist" the application.

3. Send useful tips

Share some practical tips from WorkAbroad Blog section. There are guides and tips for health and wellness, financial advice, and processing documents and other requirements that can help candidates, especially during this difficult time. Here are some articles you may want to send to your applicants:

It is natural for OFW applicants who are not yet deployed to feel anxious. Communication is the key to avoid making the candidates feel uncertain and demotivated. Agencies need to show a greater presence even in times when there are still no updates. With these WorkAbroad features, keeping candidates warm during waiting time can only take a few clicks but can make big differences.

Stay tuned for more announcements from our partners from Government agencies.