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WorkAbroad.ph (WA) is the leading job portal dedicated to helping Filipinos find safe and fulfilling job opportunities overseas. With a rich 20-year history, we have been steadfast in our commitment to improving accessibility to overseas employment for Filipinos, ensuring all jobs advertised by our partner-agencies on our platform are approved by the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). As a sub-brand of WorkAbroad, SeamanJobs (SJ) focuses specifically on the sea-faring workforce. Both WA and SJ are fully owned by SEEK, a prominent company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations succeed in their working lives.

At WorkAbroad, we understand that OFWs are the true economic heroes of the Philippines. However, the complex nature of the migrant recruitment process has made them vulnerable to exploitation and forced labor. We are determined to protect and improve the lives of OFWs by eliminating exploitative recruitment and modern slavery.

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WorkAbroad.ph is designed to assist job hunters in finding overseas work that meets their needs and qualifications. Signing up for a WorkAbroad.ph account enables jobseekers to create an online resume viewable to recruitment agencies that are sourcing applicants for their manpower needs.

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WorkAbroad.ph also aims to reach out to foreign employers and Philippine recruitment agencies by helping them find the most qualified applicant for their job openings without leaving their offices. Through our website, employers and recruiters can post unlimited job vacancies, search qualified candidates in the WorkAbroad database using our skills and educations matching system, and receive profiles of applicants who applied to their job posts.

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