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I am Jyrus Bedonia from Cebu, currently working at O. AL MUSTASHAR CAR MAINTENACE, Jazan KSA, as auto body technician. I rendered this letter as my way of gratitude to WORK ABROAD "the leading overseas job board (website) in the Philippines. I started to work overseas last 2015. I experience all the process being an applicant or a job seekers must to undergo, every step of it, every preparation, and the thrive to get a job abroad, not to mention the challenges of being from Cebu and to stay on Manila for several months to find job. I'm sure you got the whole picture of what I'm saying. From fare expenses, boarding house, food, processing expenses, etch. Last Dec. 2017, my previous contract to my former employer expired. I had no wish to extend or to renew the contract for some personal and suited reasons. Back there, days before leaving the KSA, the taughts of being back to the beginning of finding job troubled me and made me wish that please I don't want to experience be there again. So I start to find ways, not so comfortable and not so assured that moment I signed up to WORKABROAD. I study the steps, follow it, and filled the information they need honestly and carefully and accomplished it, and I submit. 2 days later after I signed up and I am home with my family I started to get a call. I got 5 calls from different Manpower Agencies all from Manila. And at my comfort I got initial interviews right away, send copies of my documents, and I got interviews from the employer via social media apps,,, amazing! Right on my home, my place, and my time, WORKABROAD had bridge me to opportunity without going somewhere and spending less. Just a month later I fly back to KSA, got a job with a new employer. WORKABROAD thank you! And I say to all who is searching opportunity to work overseas is where you can rely on.... Thank you guys!

Jyrus Bedonia

Auto Denter

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