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I register and filled-up all the required fields at website, After that so many calls and appointment interview I ex abroad I study every offer I recieve and what is company is this and search it to google in order to add in my study if the company reputable and stable..I didn't got and catch big offer because I don't want to repeat my previous working experience abroad..anyway this only for me not related to in the matter of my previous experience abroad, Thanks god after 2 months of waiting I got a right company that hired me thru a skype interview and by the help of Ferrand Human Resources International, let I give the details of my story full and aspiring first I recieve a call that asking me a sample of work as pastry maker and updated resume with a detials of my last working experience and after a week it was saturday morning month of dec.2016 the Ferrand call me that there is a skype interview that time 2:00pm so I was confuse, I ignore said interview and I recieve a txt message..informing me if I interested and please add luscious catering qatar to your skype contact but I diddn't make after the day I reply to the agency to apologize and explaining that I am busy on that day because I lead of cooking in knees baptism and then the days fast, I open my facebook then I try to search luscious catering in qatar, I amaze that this company is a international company having branches in several islamic country like Kuwait. I therefore send my application directly on company email, thanks god after three day I recieve again a call from Ferrand requesting for another luscious catering interview january 14 I think that was saturday also 2:00pm. This time I accomodate such interview..then after 2 days January 16 the agency inform me that I passed the interview and the offer letter send it by the company thru agency I will not refuse to sign and turn it back to company thru agency then I proceed medical after 1 month, I now here in qatar..Thank you and Ferrand Human Resources International for bringing me here in a big company like Luscious Catering...also thank you to all the staff of Ferrand for very helful, understanding and accomadating staff of agency I had encounter in my whole life..also to our almighty god that giving journey like this.

Alwin Llaneta

Demi Chef De Parti

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