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Having been far from Manila where most recruitment agencies were based, had been very helpful to me because I didn't need to travel from Baguio just to submit applications, which may had been very costly on my part if I did. All I needed to do was to create a account, search for potential position, apply, and wait for replies. It was only during the interview that I traveled to Manila. Applying for work abroad per se was not easy. In 10 applications I submitted, only 3 or 4 replied. I was lucky enough to be selected in my first interview but it took me 6 months to wait for the finalization of my papers and departure but I had to withdraw my application due to the very long waiting period. Of course, I had to weigh things because my expenses were eating me out and I already resigned from my previous work right after the successful interview. I cannot blame the agency because they were also doing their part in the process. It was just that Saudi had a rule on "saudization" in which the company I applied to needed to comply. It was me who cannot wait. Again, I decided to apply to another agency through Luckily, I got the position which I am right now. With my present agency, it took me only a month before I departed from the Philippines to Saudi. The job is okay and I am being treated well except for some technical difficulties on my part. I might say, applying for overseas job, like any other applications, needs patience and faith. Literal po na pawis, hirap at pagod ang puhunan mo, not to mention financial constraints. I was even apprehended during my medical (at the CBC section) dahil hindi daw mukhang ako yung nasa picture. Suggestion to applicants, always use the latest photos with minimal edits. Anyway, good thing for me kasi naka-save ako agad sa application process dahil sa Second, yung agency ko ay legal and I salute it dahil it followed all processes as imposed by POEA. Medyo nagkaroon lang ng problema sa position ko na nasa visa at yung nasa kontrata pero naayos din naman agad. The bottom line is, with the timeline of my application for overseas job, had been instrumental to me. I cannot underestimate the value of this website to me and to other OFWs who used it to land in their current jobs. For those who are planning to apply, this website could be very beneficial to you too. Just a piece of advice though, always give your best shot. Due to unscrupulous acts of illegal recruiters, be keen! Be alert!

Noel Llamar

Administrative Assistant

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