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I am searching from website for my position as Fiberglass Laminator and I got that position from the agency Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialist, I call the agency and I talk one of the staff to know if they still hiring for that position and the next day, I been reported in chartreuse prime recruitment specialist and take initial examination and submitting my available documen, I've wait until the employers interview start and I am being part of employers interview and finally I am lucky to be selected as one of they qualified applicant, Thank's to Chartreuse prime recruitment specialist to make my dreams come true.

Pillas Christopher A.

Fiberglass Laminator
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I updated my resume in then the agency (CPRS) called me and told me to bring my resume personally. And I'm thankful that my employer choose me to become one of her employee. I'm going to Canada next month february this year.

Dailyn Daep Garcia

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I am very thankful to because it became a big tool for my application abroad.  Since I  made an account, a lot of agencies are calling me, giving their desired positions and asking me for an interview. made it easy for us ( applicant ) to have access for application through the internet, thus, providing us convenience since we don't have to go to agencies to pass our application. It is such a money and time saver. I am now working in Quebec, Canada as an industrial spray painter. Hopefully my experience can be as helpful to me and to others.


industrial spray painter

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