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Applying to ASC Global Recruitment was the best decision I've ever made in 2017. I can vouch that it is THE BEST Recruitment Agency in the Philippines. I had always believed that I had one of the least qualified applications for the NMC, even if I already have working experience in Saudi Arabia from 2012-2014. However, when I spoke with the staff of ASC, they enlightened me about the whole application process, the documents that I have to secure and ways on how to get them. Luckily after a few months, I was able to secure all of them, and I was lined up for KINGSTON HOSPITAL NHS FOUNDATION TRUST.

Maverick Carreon

Medical Surgical Nurse
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ASC Global Recruitment helped me set foot in Kingston Hospital in just a few months. When it comes to sending Filipino nurses in UK there are a number of agencies that advertise a well-played game, but ASC was highly recommended by many friends I knew dearly. ASC has been very supportive and efficient all throughout. During the completion of requirements, Miss Mela, answers queries promptly and is well-organized. ASC helped me set foot in Kingston Hospital in just a few months. OSCE, I must say, can be very dreadful, but KHFT has one of the best facilities you could use for practicing and one of the most supportive mentors.

Jan Nico Cruz

Emergency Room Nurse
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Little did I know, a great opportunity unfolded right in front of me, thanks to ASC Global Recruitment. I was completely clueless and had been questioning myself about whether or not  I had taken the right path towards my career goals. From day 1 up to deployment, they will guide and support you every step of the way--IELTS, CBT and OSCE lectures. If not for them, I wouldnt be given a chance to work in Kingston Hospital, UK. I am proud to say that Kingston Hospital probably has one of the best review & preparation for the dreaded OSCE exam with Siobhan and Richard, as well as previous takers too! Because in Kingston, no one is left behind. Go team Kingston!

Alexis Jude Reyes

Medical Surgical Nurse

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