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I was hired already by a Saudi employer through an agency in Manila. My application in that agency is through newspaper ads only. I am about to prepare myself for medical examination and complete other requirements when I people Manpower resources called me and ask me if I would like to consider a job in Papua New guinea. I told my caller" I am already preparing myself and other requirements, because in few weeks time, I will be heading to leaving after a Saudi employer hired me a week ago".The caller insisted me to come and try. She even told me the salary offer which is bigger than that from Saudi.To cut the story short, I reported to the agency and scheduled me for an interview in a few days time. I passed the interview and right after the employer talked to me over the phone, the agency arranged my next appointment and gave me a checklist of requirements(documents) that I needed to submit. Before I left, I asked my caller on how she was able to get my details in which she replied "Through".After 2 and a half months, I departed Philippines headed to Papua New Guinea. I am very much thankful with because through it, I flew to a better place because Saudi is actually my last option, since I heard so much negative about how middle east treat Filipino workers.Aside from that,the compensation is higher than that from Saudi. Thank you very much to and to Ipeople Manpower Resoures Inc.

Oliver Dela Fuente Igaya

Branch Manager
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I heard this website \\\\\\\"workabroad\\\\\\\" from a friend who is now also an Overseas Filipino Worker. Without any hesitation, I visited instantly this website and posted the needed information about myself. I always update my resume so that I would be marketable to prospective employers. Then, recruitment agencies asked my permission to send my CV/resume to foreign employers for evaluation. They scheduled me for Skype interviews. I received job offers and studied them carefully. Until such time that an Agent from iPeople Manpower Resources, Inc., called me and asked permission to send my resume to the employer. After that, he told me that I will be having a Skype interview with an employer from Saudi Arabia. Then, I said okay and prepared myself. During the interview, the employer asked me a lot of questions about personal,work and experiences. The interview took 30 minutes before we finished. The interviewer told me that they will be drafting a job offer based on our interviews. I was even hesitant to accept the offer because I did not see the face of the interviewer. (Ano kaya ang mangyayari sa akin sa abroad?) The agent from the recruitment hub constantly called and follow up me. Our conversation started from February 2014 and continued until August 2014. I never even thought that that offer will be pushed through. Luckily and with the grace of the Almighty Father, I booked a flight Davao to Manila on August 7, 2014 to process the necessary documents for my employment abroad. I arrived in Manila on the same day and at the same time completed the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar. The day after, the Ipeople Agency scheduled me for final briefing. I am very inquisitive to the Agency and it seemed that I sound annoying to them because I thrown a lot of inquiries as to validity of documents,fees etc. However, the day ended with a blissful relationship with the Agency. I arrived in Saudi Arabia on August 11, 2014 to work as an Accountant in a Real Estate Company. I am thankful to the website for landing me into a good job with my iPeople Manpower Resources,Inc. Thank you iPeople, Mabuhay.

Adrian Olasiman


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