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I was just actually browsing webpages with the intention of looking for possible overseas work opportunities and came across with the site. I had completed my resume online and thereafter started to browse advertised positions commensurate with my qualifications. I first applied for a local position. After few days, I got surprised to receive a call from Philnos and advised me of an Office Administrator position open for placement at Sakhalinsk, Russia. I was thinking how Philnos got my contact number. Little did I know that Philnos was able to read my resume uploaded in this site which I never thought that website-accredited agencies would have access to my profile even if I had only applied for a local position through another agency. During the call-out, I was asked for several questions and was likewise advised of the minimum qualifications for the job. I was asked if I have a knowledge on Microsoft Access. Honestly, I do not even have a basic knowledge on the said software but I told the interviewer I had one. I was hesitant to accept the proposal to include me in the shortlisted applicants. However, I was told that basic knowledge would be sufficient for me to get shorlisted. I was scheduled to come for a personal interview with a representative of the company and confirmed the said appointment. Out of curiosity, I did check again my account and surprised to see that there were over a hundred applicants but I was lucky to have been shortlisted. With this, I had sleepless nights just to learn the basics of the software in preparation for the interview. When the day came, I was confident to face the company representative since I know that I can and talk..but was worried with my MSAccess knowledge limitations but it didn't actually made me feel that I would be left out.  To make the story short, I got interviewed but failed to complete the hands-on task given to me. After 2 days, while I was heading to our house after office hours, I got a call from the company representative informing me that I was chosen for the job and he immediately asked me to send him thru email a copy of my passport and an updated resume, so Philnos could start processing my visa and the rest is history. Through this opportunity, I had realized that things happen when we least expect them. There are actually unknown personal qualifications and traits an interviewer is looking for an applicant. While scholastic records, the college or university we had graduated from and work experiences are fundamental bases in applying for a certain job, these still do not give as a guarantee that we could successfully get the job we are applying for. Given that shortlisted applicants possess the minimum qualifications, the determining factor would still be subject on how we got along with the selection and interview phases. and Philnos Corporation are indeed instrumental for me to succeed both on my career and eventually uplifted my socioeconomic life. Up to this date, I have been receiving calls and text messages on employment opportunities abroad. I and my family are really so grateful to have been enjoying the comforts and privileges brought about by this opportunity. God is really good all the time and He works in His own mysterious ways. I hope by this testimony, the followers of this site would be encouraged to strive harder and further and never lose hope and faith. Always claim for victory and avoid setbacks and disappointments which we may had encountered in the past. We keep pressing ourselves forward and upward. Let’s try to learn to convert negative experiences into an avenue of inspiration, motivation and challenge for us to aim higher and not setting ourselves with limitations. The extent of our vision is the boundary of our blessings. Let’s go beyond what we can actually do. Everyday is a learning process and expect that we could go up and achieve further. Today is not the same as yesterday or tomorrow and today decides our future so let’s make the most of what things or challenges we have at this very moment.Alfredo Salgado  Alfredo was hired by Philnos Corporation

Alfredo Salgado

Office Administrator

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