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Must-Read Maritime News and Articles for February 2024
Must-Read Maritime News and Articles for February 2024

In this month's news, MARINA has requested the French Embassy to extend the deployment of French maritime expert Emeric Faure, who has been instrumental in enhancing safety standards for ROPAX vessels in the Philippines. This extension, if approved, will further strengthen the collaboration between MARINA and the French Embassy in bolstering maritime safety and security. Moreover, PBBM has directed MARINA to standardize Philippine maritime operations and practices to align with global standards, emphasizing the importance of a unified system governing the industry. In addition, PAMI has expressed opposition to education and training provisions in the consolidated bill on the Magna Carta of Filipino Seafarers (MCFS), citing potential negative impacts such as higher tuition fees and closure of manning agencies. The group argues that these provisions, particularly those related to shipboard training of cadets, may lead to financial burden on students and hinder the supply of seafarers.

Feb 08, 2024

5 Must-Read OFW News and Articles for February 2024
5 Must-Read OFW News and Articles for February 2024

In this month's news, DMW and DOT have collaborated on the "Balik Bayani sa Turismo" program, aiming to support returning OFWs by providing free tourism-related skills training and business opportunities in the Philippines, including culinary tourism and tour guiding. Moreover, the Philippines and Germany have signed a declaration of intent to enhance cooperation in skills development, recruitment, and employment of skilled Filipino workers, focusing on technical professions such as electrical engineering. In addition, the Embassy of Israel in the Philippines has announced the availability of thousands of job opportunities for foreign workers, particularly Filipinos, once Alert Level 2 restrictions are lifted. These jobs, including caregiving, hotel, agriculture, and construction sectors, offer employment prospects for Filipinos affected by the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, providing a significant source of income amidst challenging circumstances.

Feb 08, 2024

Empowering Migrant Workers: Inside the Fair Training Center
Empowering Migrant Workers: Inside the Fair Training Center

The journey of a migrant worker is rarely easy. Leaving loved ones behind, adapting to a new culture, and navigating unfamiliar environments can be daunting, especially when an individual feels unprepared. Recognizing this gap, the Fair Training Center (FTC) emerged to transform and professionalize domestic worker training.

Feb 08, 2024

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