Are you planning to work abroad? Prepare and be work-abroad ready by taking the Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar or PEOS.
This comprehensive module is provided by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) for free to help Filipinos decide whether or not to pursue overseas employment. PEOS Online has been made desktop and mobile-friendly so anyone can take it anytime anywhere, as long as there is a strong internet connection. To make it more accessible, POEA offices and some licensed agencies have facilities to accommodate those who wish to take it.

How to take PEOS Online

Here are the step-by-step instructions to help you complete this module:
1. Go to and choose which training module is right for you. You may select from any of the following existing modules:
  PEOS Online for Professionals and Skilled Workers; and
  PEOS Online for Domestic Workers
2. Fill out the form to register.
3. Read the modules and answer all the questions after each module. You need to get at least three correct answers to proceed to the next module.
4. If you choose to take the PEOS Online for Domestic Workers, proceed to Part 2 after passing all 7 modules in Part 1. Select your desired country of destination and answer all the questions.
5. After passing all the learning modules, you can now print your certificate or take note of your certificate number. You will be asked to present this during your application.
You may also refer to the animated illustrations below:

Taking the PEOS Online have been made mandatory for all first-time overseas workers since June 2016. Aside from personal and travel documents, aspiring OFWs will be asked to present their PEOS Certificate number before they can proceed with their job application.
Be a step-closer to your dream job, take PEOS Online now.