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Great opportunities awaits individuals who are good English speakers. A good number of English speaking countries is in need of competent and productive professionals to work for them. Further, international universities and academic institutions have opened its doors to students wishing to finish a course program. Whether you are a working professional or a students, passing the IELTS is a requirements. Let Jrooz bring you closer to your dream through amazing IELTS programs.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination is your passport to success. With this, Jrooz Review Center Inc. is happy to announce a Free IELTS and IELTS UKVI orientation on January 24, 2016. This event is happening in all Jrooz Review Center, Inc.’s branches: Manila, Makati, Baguio, Cebu and Davao.


What to expect from this free orientation?

All participants are expected to learn what the IELTS exam is. Even until today, many are still clueless on what this exam all about and how it can help them with their professional careers. Nowadays, there is the Regular IELTS and IELTS UKVI. This is a great chance to know the differences between these examinations and which to take when applying a visa. Participants are given lectures on reasons why they need the IELTS and on how IELTS can change their lives.

What makes this free orientation more interesting is the fact that all attendees get PhP 1000 discount just by attending the said event. Also, Jrooz Review Center, Inc. is giving a free diagnostic exam to attendees for them to gauge their English skills. There is also a raffle where all participants get a chance to win a free review package from Jrooz Review Center, Inc. Indeed, this is the best IELTS orientation to start the year right.


The Jrooz Advantage

Jrooz Review Center, Inc. has kept its promise in making all their students pass the IELTS. For many years now, the center has been a part of different students’ success stories with their applications overseas. Building and developing good English skills are a top priority in every IELTS review program. To ensure the quality of the program, review manuals are constantly updated and only the best IELTS instructors are hired by the company. The IELTS review programs are designed to address needs and strengthen weaknesses in the language skills of students specifically needed in the IELTS examination. At the end of the review, individuals are ready to take the test as their skills are honed to perfection.

Aside from the quality of training, Jrooz Review Center, Inc. makes it possible for their centers to be conducive for learning. The number of students in each class is limited to a maximum of 25 students, and class schedules are made flexible to accommodate students who have busy schedules. The best choice for your IELTS preparation is with Jrooz Review Center, Inc.

Be a part of the best opportunity to know the IELTS and IELTS UKVI. Take part in this free orientation. Reserve your slots by clicking the link below.

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