Being a muslim country, Saudi Arabia is very strict when it comes to their dress code, including expats like overseas Filipino workers or OFWs.


For male OFWs:

Male OFWs should wear long trousers (pants) and shirts. It is unacceptable to put on shorts, singlets (like those worn by wrestlers) and even going topless on public places. Expat men are not required to wear the traditional attire though.


For female OFWs:

Female OFWs, on the other hand, should be more discreet. No skin should be exposed, especially when in public areas and mosques. They are advised to wear the abaya, or carry a veil or head scarf to cover their faces.


The strictness of the dress code still varies by region. In Jeddah, expats have more freedom with their clothes, while Riyadh is more conservative.


OFWs, like the other expats, are expected to follow these laws of the kingdom. Punishment awaits those who will disobey.