An overseas Filipino worker or OFW in Saudi Arabia can invite his family over. OFWs under the benefited profession can apply a visit visa for either of the following:

  • mother

  • father

  • wife

  • children

  • sisters

  • mother-in-law

  • father-in-law

However, if the OFW doesn’t fall under the benefited profession category, he may request his sponsor or kafeel to change his profession under one.

Documents required:

  • original valid iqama/muqeen of Saudi Arabia

  • copy of passport

  • passport copies of family members invited

How to apply:

  1. Fill out the online application form found at Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Choose the English translation of the page so you can understand the instructions.

  2. You will be the kafeel or sponsor for the family members you are inviting so put your name as the kafeel on the form.

  3. Click on individuals. Choose resident.

  4. Click “Family Visit Visa Application”.

  5. Fill the form and tick submit.

  6. Print out the form.

To submit application:

  1. On the printed application form put the date and sign it.

  2. Have your sponsor stamp and sign on the form too.

  3. Go to the Chamber of Commerce where your employer is registered and pay the visa application fee.

  4. Receive the receipt or print out form. Keep it.

How to check application status online:

  1. Go to  Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (MOFA).

  2. Choose application submitted to MOFA.

  3. Enter your application number, iqama/muqeem number and image code.

  4. Click inquire.

It may take a week or more to process the application, but longer during Ramadan or Hajj,  so you have to check on the status often.

Once approved, the OFW must send a copy of the application or the number of application to the family member wherein they will have to continue processing it at the Saudi Embassy in the Philippines.

The family must pass the documents required, which includes original passport of visa applicant, iqama/muqeem copy of the OFW, passport copy of the OFW, and 4 pieces of passport size photos.

Additional documents needed:

  • For married sister - authorization letter from husband

  • For mother/father-in-law - marriage certificate and copy of passport and iqama/muqeem of wife


  • Application may be rejected. Re-apply again.

  • You only have 3 months for the visa to be stamped, once approved by the Saudi Embassy.

  • Once stamped, the OFW’s family should travel within 3 months or visa will expire.

  • If the visa issued is for 90 days, it can be extended once more.

  • If the visa issued is for 30 days, it can be extended again 5 times.