The Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in the Philippines beginning early March this year. More than just inciting a health crisis, it also stalled the economy, tourism, and many other industries. The government announced community quarantines to control its spread.


But, after nearly one year, the world has finally come to terms with the new normal. Masks, face shields, hand washing, and sanitizers are now a staple in our adjusted way of life. More recent insight into the disease has also contributed to better health management.


The global economy has seen the steepest downward plunge in history, but we are on the road to recovery. Though many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) were sent home or lost their jobs and Licensed OFW Recruitment Agencies lost contracts that are the heart and soul of their business, in the middle of this bleak scenario, a light is within sight. Some countries have plans of opening their borders to OFWs in the coming year. Jobs that Filipinos are known for worldwide are back in demand.


Here is a list of a few countries that have and will soon open their borders to foreign workers:



In September 2020, although no official statement was made by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia about the opening of jobs to foreign workers, updated guidelines were announced. This includes an eight-step procedure of how to apply for entry. This is positive news for agencies whose main line is recruitment for overseas employment. 



This country, located in the Persian Gulf, has been a hub for Filipino skilled workers for decades. Like the rest of the world, the pandemic has hindered the employment of our overseas workers, but the incoming year is ringing in new hope. The Kingdom of Bahrain will soon reopen its doors to migrant workers. In an article in the Business Mirror, Labor Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III disclosed that Bahraini employers prefer Filipinos for vacancies among migrant household service workers. 


Furthermore, a new policy was adopted that gives added protection to the migrant workers as well as illegal placement agencies in Bahrain. It imposes strict inspection of the said companies to prevent illegal recruitment. The policy also requires strict measures on foreign workers that will avoid the employment of the worker in illegal or illicit jobs. 



One of the frontiers of OFW employment around the world is Hong Kong. Thousands of skilled workers are employed in this region. Despite the recent announcement of the fourth wave of the pandemic, overseas workers are allowed entry.



As the country lays down the roadmap to phase 3 of its development plan, economic recovery is high up on the list. This country has been active in OFW employment for the past decade and a go-to hub for the younger generation. Offices and individuals alike welcome the assistance of recruitment agencies for security and ease of employment.  Get Singapore’s Covid-19 updates for guidance on recruitment. 



Canada’s universal healthcare is a model system that gives pride to this North American country. Here, Filipino nurses and healthcare workers are desired among foreign workers. A surge in demand for this sector was seen during the peak of the pandemic hence a goldmine in terms of recruitment. 



A Filipina nurse was in headlines all over the world recently as the first to administer the approved Covid-19 vaccine to a UK senior resident. This says a lot about the country's regard for nurses from the Philippines.  


The healthcare sector is open to accepting professionals in this field. Manpower agencies should gear up for a busy recruitment and job interview season of qualified doctors, nurses, health professionals, or adult social care professionals.



Japan has depended on foreign workers for numerous businesses and the pandemic has choked their recruitment process. Last October, the borders were reopened to welcome the workforce from other countries. Overseas laborers that have tested negative and underwent the quarantine procedure were met with open arms by employers.



Thousands of OFWs were repatriated a few months back but Israel very recently announced their need for caregivers.  No less than 500 home-based workers will be employed in the next few months with 90% preference for female and 10% for male.


Overseas Filipino Workers are considered the new heroes of the Philippines. They brave unknown territories to provide for their families and need licensed recruitment agencies to keep them protected. Start recruiting the right candidates through, one of the largest talent databases in Southeast Asia.