Finding work in a foreign country could make or break your OFW goals and dreams for yourself and your family. Apart from the emotional struggle of disassociating yourself leaving your loved ones in your comfort zone, you also have to consider adapting to the language barrier, cultural differences, and even fostering relations with your colleagues who might be expats from other countries or an OFW like yourself.

Before you decide to pack your bags and make the move, you have to narrow down which country best meets not only your target monthly salary, skills and personality. Remember that you owe yourself the OFW success story you deserve through an informed decision.

Look no further, here are some of the recommended countries by fellow kababayans to begin your journey abroad.

1. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Recommended for: OFWs seeking career advancement in their field of expertise

Arguably the crowd-favorite among OFWs. Its immensely rich economy is driven by oil and gas deposits, progressive business environment, and tourism influx. These factors made the UAE a magnet to young working-class seeking opportunities in healthcare, BPO, engineering, food and beverage, domestic work, among others. Most expats enjoy competitive salary package. The key takeaway: tax-free income. The cost of living may be high, but you are definitely getting more what you are paid for.

 2. Singapore
Recommended for: first-timers who doesn’t want to feel too far from Ph, permanent residency seekers

This lion city made it to the list of one of the best places in the world to work in. Its stable economy throughout the years drive businesses to thrive and even expand. A growing number of expats arrive in this country to try their luck. While some may find that the working environment here is frigid since Singaporeans are workaholic, you can’t discount the fact that this country pays premium salary. Some of the skilled professionals needed are IT and Software Engineers, Marketing and Sales, Graphic Artists, among others. Positions in Healthcare and Food and Beverage Industry are also quite in demand. Singapore is also highly favorable by those seeking permanent residency (PR). Being granted a PR may be tedious, but with good work, discipline, and competence, it is not possible. A lot of fellow kababayans can attest to this fact.


 3. Canada
Recommended for: OFWs who wishes to raise their family

If you wish to move with your family to greener pastures, Canada is your best bet. Apart from numerous family-friendly leisure destinations, this country has competitive healthcare and employment benefits. Expats can enjoy exploring job opportunities in Healthcare, Tourism and Management, among others. What’s great is that permanent residency is also not hard to come by, so long as you comply with the rules and regulations.

 4. Taiwan
Recommended for: OFWs who appreciates culture

Discover Asia’s “Hidden Experience Capital” for a cultural lifestyle and competitive salary package. The reason why Taiwan is growing in popularity among tourists and OFWs alike is because they will let you experience traditional customs without being discriminatory. OFWs looking for jobs such as factory workers, production operators, and other similar jobs are highly welcome here. What’s great is that some Taiwanese employers already takes care of the work permit.


 5. New Zealand
Recommended for: nature-lover OFWs

They say that there are more cows than the population in this country. With a lush countryside, friendly locals, extremely low crime rate and high quality of life, it is no wonder that expats and OFWs alike loves to work and live in New Zealand. This country is an equal opportunity player regardless of sex and citizenship status. Opportunities in Healthcare, Sports, Tourism, Electronics and Communications, are abundant. What’s great is that working visas are categorized and easy to come by, depending on your employer’s needs.

 6. Australia
Recommended for: those who love enjoy a laid-back, no frills lifestyle, career switchers

Never underestimate the land down under, this country is full of surprises. Australia is a diverse mix of great beaches and breathable cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. With its solid growth in mining and agriculture, the country is in need of engineers, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, and the like. Expats who wishes to switch careers are also welcome to Australia with their study-now, work later status, and enroll in a course of their choice. You can never run out of things to do in this country. You work all day long, and the next thing you know, you pop open a bottle of beer at the end of the day, just like a true-blue Aussie.