It’s no secret that numerous Filipinos dream of working abroad. For most of the working class, foreign soil glimmers with promise. Of course, it’s essential for every aspiring overseas Filipino worker (OFW) to know where the demand is. Here are the latest updates as of June 2019, according to the leading overseas job website in the Philippines,
Saudi Arabia and Qatar remain as the top countries for OFWs in 2019. Offering 72,316 and 10,142 jobs respectively, the two are still promising destinations for many aspiring overseas workers. Meanwhile, Australia, Angola, and Brunei have replaced Malaysia, Japan, and the USA in the top 10 list.
The list of the top 10 most in-demand job specializations in 2019 does not look too different from that of 2018. Although there has been minimal reshuffling in the number of demand, the job specializations in the top 10 list remain the same. As of June 2019, the healthcare industry still has the biggest demand abroad. Following this is the food, beverage, and restaurant industry which now has a higher demand than general work.
Since last year, the demand for OFWs increased by 18%. From 97,218 available overseas jobs in the first half of 2018, there are now 114,479 jobs available for OFWs.
Nursing Professionals have multiple job opportunities abroad. Leading the ranks is Saudi Arabia with 9,155 jobs available for the industry. Following Saudi Arabia is the United Kingdom which offers 843 jobs. The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the USA proceed with 648, 462, and 455 jobs for medical practitioners respectively.
Hong Kong has the highest job opportunities for household service workers, presenting 577 jobs for aspiring OFWs. Next to Hong Kong is Saudi Arabia, with 476 jobs available. Qatar, Singapore, and Malaysia trail after with 171, 151, and 124 jobs respectively.
Applying for overseas jobs
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The new
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