What are the in-demand jobs for Filipinos
who want to Work Abroad?

  1. Engineering
  2. Hospitality Related Work
  3. Healthcare
  4. General Work
  5. Manufacturers
  6. Teachers
  7. Labor and Construction

Workers from the Philippines are doing an overseas job search so that they can provide well for their families, even if it means that they have to move far away.

The great news is that Filipinos are known for their top skills. In fact, many countries are opening their doors to OFWs, providing them opportunities in various industries. They also admire their dedication and hardworking nature, which is not only inspiring to fellow Filipinos but to foreigners as well.

For those who are seeking new opportunities abroad, know that there are several options for you to explore. Some examples of these are the following:


1. Engineering

Engineers are needed everywhere. This is especially true for civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers who have a lot of things to do thanks to the infrastructure projects being made on foreign countries like UAW, Australia, Japan, Kuwait, and Singapore.

This occupation has seen a continuous increase in demand over the past couple of years. This could mean that this will continue for a few more years, which is good news for Filipino engineers.

Once hired, OFWs will be receiving training from their engineering companies to get them certified to do their work by land or by sea.

2. Hospitality-Related Work

It is always a safe option to make a career in the hospitality industry. Many countries around the world are in need of bartenders, waiters, concierge staff, and other similar jobs.

You can prepare for these jobs by enrolling in accredited training centers. This experience will help you familiarize with the position and the country profiles. Countries like UAE, United Kingdom, and Qatar are popular job destinations. OFWs, who journey to these places, are usually after growth. Along the way, they would also learn diverse skills that will help them work in an overseas hotel or restaurant.

3. Healthcare

Many successful Filipinos find jobs in the healthcare field.

Medical positions include nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, and many more. This work is currently needed overseas since their ‘Baby Boomer’ generation is beginning to age and retire. As a result, the healthcare industry in countries like the United States of America, Canada, and New Zealand offer jobs to address the current staff shortage they are experiencing.

Because of this high demand, OFWs can take advantage and grab a chance to land a job in these places.

4. General Work

General work involves housekeepers, drivers, and dispatchers among others.

It is one of the most in-demand jobs for Filipinos. At the same time, it is also considered as one of the most difficult work since it requires them to commit longer work hours. Plus, the compensation is low compared to most jobs.

5. Manufacturers

There are a lot of international manufacturing companies and factories that need foreign workers to strengthen the workforce.

OFWs are being hired in manufacturing companies that do work in electronics, automotive, and clothing among others. They may be put in a production team—each one has their own tasks to fulfill. Their finished products will undergo quality analysis before being distributed to other countries.

The demands for factory workers are increasing especially in Taiwan and China, where most of the garments and electronics factories are located.

6. Teachers

Being a teacher is considered one of the most noble professions because of their dedication to impart knowledge and skills to their students. Filipino teachers are highly regarded abroad because they're competent in the field of academics, especially when it comes to teaching the English language.

Japan, China, South Korea, and Indonesia are some of the countries that need Filipino teachers. In most cases, these places use English as a second language.

7. Labor and Construction

Skilled workers are always in demand overseas. Many Filipino expats find consistent work as welders, plumbers, machine operators, and electrician in the construction and labor sectors. Countries with high job openings under this industry include New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and the Middle East.

Filipinos workers were targeted for these positions because they have a strong reputation for excellent skills as well as a strong work ethic.

Key Takeaway

For those who are doing an overseas job search in the Philippines before the New Year, know that you have many opportunities to explore. Just be sure to polish your skillset and do a bit of training to prepare yourself for the position you are currently applying for.

Good luck!