Overseas Filipino Workers are nowadays called modern day heroes because of the sacrifices they’ve chosen to make in order to provide a better a life for their families back in the Philippines. Every Christmas, this sacrifice is felt more when they celebrate the holidays away from home.
For those overseas Filipinos who will be spending their Christmas away from their loved ones, WorkAbroad has come up with five ideas to help you have a very Merry Christmas abroad.

1. Create a Christmas mood.

Some countries in the Middle East have certain restrictions when it comes to public display of Christmas decors, but many overseas Filipinos still embellish their homes with DIY (Do It Yourself) decorations for as long as they are kept indoors.
You can also celebrate the spirit of Christmas through music. Overseas Filipinos usually download Christmas songs and play them over in their homes and sing them along with friends.

2. Treat yourself.

Drop by your local store or mall and treat yourself to a special gift as a way of saying “Merry Christmas” to yourself. Another thing overseas Filipinos can do is engage in new or fun activities. Sometimes doing something different or taking a local getaway is the best cure for the holiday blues.

3. Send gifts to your loved ones.

Before the hustle and bustle of the celebrations, take time to shop for gifts for your loved ones and send them to the Philippines ahead of time. That way, they get to receive the presents in time for the holidays.
No time to shop? You can also send money to a loved one and then ask for his or her help to buy gifts for everyone. Or you can also order gifts online and have them sent to your friends and relatives back home.

4. Celebrate with fellow Filipinos.

Overseas Filipinos mostly have communities where they celebrate Pinoy-style Christmas parties wherever they are in the world. Ask around to look for one in your area and you’ll definitely not be as homesick as you expect to be.

5. Connect with friends and family back home.

The internet has made communicating with your friends and family much easier, more convenient and less expensive. You can use Skype for real-time video chats or instantly check out new photos posted on social media sites and apps like Facebook and Instagram. Gone are the days when you had to spend big bucks for phone bills!
Christmas does not need to be a melancholic moment for overseas Filipinos who will be spending their holidays away from home. With this simple guide, you will surely be able to have a merry celebration this Christmas.
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