Have you ever asked how important a resume is for you to land your desired career abroad? Consider your resume as your tool to land your dream overseas job. This piece of document now showcases your capacity and qualifications, that will either impress or depress recruitment agencies. You can establish a good impression using your WorkAbroad profile and make that recruitment officer call you for an interview. Heed as WorkAbroad reveals the secret to upgrading your resume from negligible to remarkable.

1. Complete your WorkAbroad profile.

Provide all the necessary information in your profile to catch the hirer’s attention. They might drop your application if your profile is below 80% finished.

Ensure that the contact number you provided is active and reachable so that hirers can get in touch with you easily.

2. Market your qualifications.

Highlight your qualifications by listing the trainings you attended, the career development programs you obtained, and the skills you possess. Recruitment agencies can search and find qualified candidates by using keywords. Be searchable.

3. Update and always login to your Profile.

When hirers pool for applicants in the WorkAbroad.ph database, the system displays the most recently visited profiles on top, like how most of the social media platforms display your status and posts. Let your online resume be on top of the list by updating it at least every six months and logging in as often as you can.

4. Check your resume/account status.

WorkAbroad allows you to set your profile in three different statuses such as:

Active with viewable contact detail
Inactive - Hide my resume. I don't want to be contacted
Remove - Remove my resume from WorkAbroad.ph and JobOpenings.ph database

If you are actively looking for an overseas job, confirm that you chose the right mode by clicking on the Settings menu.

5. Choose two Job Specializations that are related to your work experience, educational background and skills.

Your preferred overseas job must be supported by your work experience, educational background and skills. This will guarantee the hirer that you are adept in the type of profession you chose to pursue abroad.

Remember that recruitment agencies receive tons of applications for every single job opportunity they post and resumes may look similar from each other. Outshine others with these simple but effective practices and reach that dream overseas job in a jiffy.