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Policies and Guidelines Concerning Accredited PDOS Providers
25 Jul 2008
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OWWA PDOS Advisory No. 01 Series of 2008


Attention: All PDOS Providers

Subject: Policies and Guidelines Concerning Accredited PDOS Providers

Date: 12 July 2008


In reiteration of OWWA’s policy outlined in OWWA PDOS Advisory No. 01, series of 2007, only PDOS providers who officially re-registered with OWWA will be recognized as officially registered Providers.


OWWA and POEA will no longer honor the certificates of PDOS Providers not included in the list. The following instructions shall apply to the OWWA or POEA-accredited providers who did not comply with the OWWA re-registration policy;


Former Sea-based OWWA or POEA-accredited providers who were not able to re-register with OWWA shall re-apply for accreditation as providers until 31 July 2008. Providers who fail to meet this extended registration date shall be de-listed.


Former Land-based, OWWA or POEA-accredited providers who were not able to comply with the re-registration requirements with OWWA shall wait for further advice on the accreditation of land-based PDOS providers:


The accreditation of Providers shall be for two (2) years. Thereafter, they shall renew their registration with OWWA three (3) months before the expiration of accreditation. Renewal of accreditation shall be based on the performance track record as provider.

All PDOS providers are likewise reminded to adopt the PDOS Electronic Report Form prescribed by OWWA and to submit their monthly reports promptly within the first seven (7) days each month;


Non-compliance by PDOS Providers to this advisory after three (3) months from receipt of a notice, shall be subject to revocation of registration with OWWA.



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