Work Abroad - Overseas Jobs for the Filipinos
That same day, I signed a contract. Now I'm on my 7th year here in Saudi Arabia.

First of all I would like to say thank you work team for helping me to reach my dream to working abroad.\r\nI just post my resume in this site.And then after several days YHMD, called me that I am scheduled for a final interview. I was amazed and I can\\\'t believe that it is true. Because I never been to that agency before. So it was really a big surprise for me. On the next day I went to that agency, and it is really true. On that same day I was interviewed and was given a trade test and thanks God I did it. On that very day I signed a contract.\r\n\r\nNow I\\\'m on my 7th year here in Saudi Arabia.\r\nThank you guys for helping us to reach our dreams.\r\nMore power and God bless you!

Ricardo B. Artiaga
AutoCAD Operator