Work Abroad - Overseas Jobs for the Filipinos
Thank you very much to
I was hired already by a Saudi employer through an agency in Manila. My application in that agency is through newspaper ads only. I am about to prepare myself for medical examination and complete other requirements when I people Manpower resources called me and ask me if I would like to consider a job in Papua New guinea. I told my caller" I am already preparing myself and other requirements, because in few weeks time, I will be heading to leaving after a Saudi employer hired me a week ago".The caller insisted me to come and try. She even told me the salary offer which is bigger than that from Saudi.To cut the story short, I reported to the agency and scheduled me for an interview in a few days time. I passed the interview and right after the employer talked to me over the phone, the agency arranged my next appointment and gave me a checklist of requirements(documents) that I needed to submit. Before I left, I asked my caller on how she was able to get my details in which she replied "Through".After 2 and a half months, I departed Philippines headed to Papua New Guinea. I am very much thankful with because through it, I flew to a better place because Saudi is actually my last option, since I heard so much negative about how middle east treat Filipino workers.Aside from that,the compensation is higher than that from Saudi. Thank you very much to and to Ipeople Manpower Resoures Inc.

Oliver Dela Fuente Igaya
Branch Manager