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Early in the morning of the next day, I received a call from the agency for an interview.

2005, five days before Christmas, I’m on my way home from my previous job in Mandaluyong.  While riding an old jeepney, I saw the sticker near the driver seat WWW.WORKABROAD.PH.  Out of curiosity, I went to a nearby internet cafe on the same day and spent less than an hour browsing the site and posted my resume online. While surfing, I found a company located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who's in need of Lighting Design Engineer, the same field where I was employed that time.   So I decided to send my resume to the agency.  Surprisingly, early in the morning of the next day, I received a call from the agency for an interview.

Folks, changed my life! I am now employed in the allied company of PHILIPS Lighting Co., the world biggest lighting provider.  Thank you


-Roland P. Casanas

Roland was hired by Rise Manpower and he left the country in March 3, 2006.


Roland P. Casanas

I sent my CV at website.

I sent my CV at website and everday many invitations for me in different countries but I'm just accepting all invitations like interviews and submitting my resume. Before I entertained RISE MANPOWER, I already engaged to different agencies departing to dubai everything is done already just waiting for medical that time. Suddenly, Rise Manpower called me and inviting me for job interview asap so I tried it coz i was amaze that no plcment fee no salry deduction and I search the site is really good and nice resort so after a while i passed the interview and get the job so i decided to choose Vanuatu and the name of resort is Ratua Private Island and now I will be fininishing my contract and I am about to drop in australia and have tourist to visit my sisrer in there..the only thing that I want to say thank you to coz I met Rise Manpower agency and i got my job...and coz of Rise Manpower I can explore and have adventure to Australia...THANKS WORKABROAD.PH.... MORE POWER...God bless....

Joanna Siembre Gregorio
Spa all around therapist is a big help for me
After a year, since 2013 applying this site,, it's big help to me and now my contract will be end on 7 months left and now searching for a new job here, actually work that I have in 2 years is good, salary good, company rules point is looking another company for higher offer, I'm thankful for this big help to me..Thank you so much..and soon I'm going home...

Administrative Clerk

Thanks to website!
Thanks to website, I was able to build my dream house, start a business and buy cars. And was able to support my Family.

Harold Terrado