TEKSKIL CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION or TEKSKIL is a 100% Filipino corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on October 3, 1991. It is a firm organized for the purpose of providing engineering and construction services as well as manpower supply for all categories, project management and special project consultancy.

The incorporators-directors of TEKSKIL are former executives of the foremost construction companies in the Philippines namely: AG&P, JGC Philippines, EEI, and leading Recruitment Agency who brought in to the company their experience in the field of engineering and construction.

The organizers of TEKSKIL are well know personalities in engineering design, construction, steel fabrication, onshore and offshore oil production industry and manpower supply business. They occupied management positions in the leading construction and engineering companies and recruitment agencies in the Philippines.

At first, TEKSKIL was in the field of construction business but due to the increasing demand of Overseas Construction worker in the 1990's, TEKSKIL engaged as a Manpower Service Contractor by overseas client, AGAP-Arabia Ltd., a multi-national construction company based in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia and JIMSBURG of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To lawfully serve the orders, TEKSKIL registered with Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and was granted license in August 18, 1992.

Since then, TEKSKIL has amassed other overseas client from countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Qatar, Nigeria, Palau clients of various disciplines and various field of endeavor. To date, more that thousand Filipino workers have been deployed by TEKSKIL  to various overseas clients. TEKSKIL had served clients worldwide.

Applicants in & out of the country may send their resume at [email protected]