SMC recognizes the global need for employment and believes its first and foremost responsibility is to provide our clients with world-class, personalized service and to provide Filipinos the opportunity to work overseas. Boast of its faster & more convenient access to various government agencies, ensures our smoother facilitation of business transaction with efficient services to our clients from around the world. We are specialized firm and your best counterpart in the Philippines providing you with professionals, medical staff, highly skilled, unskilled workers, entertainers and even highly educated domestic helpers to different country. Providing counsel and assistance in labor relations overseas and local recruitment. OUR MISSION To serve our client with Filipino who are competent, reliable, dedicated. To provide the highest professional standard recruitment and uphold our dignity in the field of manpower services. Constantly work alongside with government agencies in to ensuring the welfare of our clients and workers. OUR VISION SMC MANPOWER AGENCY PHILIPPINES COMPANY - Supporter of every Filipino worker that believes in their natural capabilities and desire to work, and we intend to bring every Filipino worker to every corner of the world – to make him more competitive in the global market.