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POEA Services
The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

Pre-Employment Services

Processing of Employment Contracts; Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificates, Name of Direct Hires, Government Recruits and Household Workers
Government Placement Branch
Ground Floor
Tel Nos. 722-11-75/76/77

Landbased and Seabased Workers Hired Through Licensed Agencies
Employment Contracts Processing Branch (ECPB)
2nd floor, Tel. nos. 722-11-67/721-94-91

Balik Manggagawa
Processing Division
Service Area, Tel. No. 721-07-85

Accreditation of Principals and Job Orders
Accreditation Branch
Seabased: 2nd floor, Tel. No. 721-11-86/87
Taiwan and Korea-Bound Workers: 2nd floor, Tel. No. 722-11-60
Household Workers: Ground Floor, Tel. Nos. 722-11-76/77

Market Research and Promotions
Marketing Branch
Mezzanine Floor, Tel. No. 722-11-62

Registration of Landbased Applicants for Present and Future Hiring; Issuance of Seafarers’ Registration Cards
Manpower Registry Division
Ground Floor, Tel. Nos. 722-11-43/46

Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar Workers’ Education Division
2nd Floor, Tel. No. 722-11-85

POEA Action Center
Ground Floor, Tel. Nos. 722-11-44/55

Welfare Services

Pre-departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)
Workers’ Education Division
2nd Floor, Tel. Nos. 722-11-85

Welfare Services (violation of terms and conditions of employment contracts; claims of injury/death benefits; tracing whereabouts of workers, request for repatriation of remains, etc.)
Welfare Assistance Division
2nd Floor, Tel. No. 722-11-82

Licensing and Regulation

Issuance/ Renewal of License
Licensing Branch
4th Floor, Tel. Nos. 722-11-49/91

Legal Assistance to Victims of Illegal Recruitment
Anti-Illegal Recruitment Branch
3rd Floor, Tel. Nos. 722-11-89/90-721-06-19

Labor Assistance Prior to Embarkation
Employment Regulation Branch
4th Floor, Tel. No. 722-11-90

Labor Assistance Counter (LAC)
NAIA-LAC Tel. No. 832-1961 loc 3703


Legal Assistance and Adjudication of cases arising from employee-employee relation; Violation of Recruitment Regulations
Adjudication/Recruitment Regulation Branch
3rd Floor, Tel. Nos. 722-11-48/58

Legal Assistance and Watchlisting Contract Workers Facing Charges and Complaints
Adjudication Branch
3rd Floor, Tel. No. 722-11-42/45

General Administrative and Support Services

Overseas Employment Statistics/ General Information on Overseas Employment Materials
Planning Branch
5th Floor, Tel. Nos. 722-11-83/47

Human Resources Development
Human Resources Development Division
5th Floor, Tel. No. 722-11-69

Financial and Other Related Transactions
Finance Branch
5th Floor, Tel. Nos. 722-11-68/71-78

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