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Here are some successful applicants that got their jobs through!
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Through WORKABROAD.PH, I got a job I didn't expect to have.  A week after the agency called me up for final interview, with the Lord’s guidance, I passed the interview and medical examination.   Today, all I'm doing is waiting for my visa and plane ticket.


--Sheila Marie R. Pascaul

Sheila Marie was hired by Unity Worldwide Resources, Inc as Assistant Restaurant Manager in Dubai, her flight is scheduled on October.

-Sheila Marie R. Pascaul
Assistant Restaurant Manager

Maria Luisa L. Bernabe

I just received a call from WASMIYA informing me that they saw my resume at

WORKABROAD.PH. I was asked if I am interested to work in Qatar and I gave the affirmative thinking that it will take numbers of months before my documents for overseas job processed.  But  I was surprised when I was asked for an interview with the employer himself. It turned out that there was a last minute instruction from the employer to search for an Executive Secretary.

What's so amazing is that the position was not posted in
WORKABROAD.PH that time because it was an urgent request. Hence, I didn't even applied for the said position.

I am a living proof that
WORKABROAD.PH really works. Even if you didn't applied for a particular job opening, your resume is available for viewing and reviewing of any agency and/or employer and that gives you a high probability of getting hired for a job with best offers.

WORKABROAD.PH gives every aspiring Filipino a better chance for a better life!




--Maria Luisa L. Bernabe


Maria Luisa Bernabe was hired by Wasmiya International Services Corporation as Executive Secretary in Qatar.  She left the country on September 24, 2006.

-Maria Luisa L. Bernabe
Executive Secretary

I worked in hotel industry for 11 years, nine years as Chef in various companies then transferred at Chef Office as Executive Chef Secretary for more than two years.

One morning, while I was on my way to work, I saw the sticker of

-Cleoferina A. Cruz

July 13, 2006. My wife and I were watching Magandang Umaga Pilipinas when one of the hosts mentioned about WORKABROAD.PH hence we lend our ears out of much interest.  We immediately went to the internet shop afterwards to register at the site and post my resume.   Four days after I posted my resume, that's July 17, 2009, Finest Asia Resources, Inc. called up and asked me to report to their office because there's a vacancy and an available visa. The next day, I reported at their office in Makati. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, I got the job as a service crew in Kudo Company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I was given an airline ticket with flight schedule August 19, 2006.

Again, I would like to thank the Lord for WORKABROAD.PH making it as an instrument to help Filipinos deal and cope with with nowaday's life difficulties with its wonderful jobs.

-Juan Feliciano H. Odarbe
Juan will be leaving on the 19th of August as a service crew in Saudi Arabia.

-Juan Feliciano H. Odarbe
Cook/ Service Crew

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Inspire others by sharing your success stories. Click here to post your success story.

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