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Here are some successful applicants that got their jobs through!
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To start with, I would like to thank WorkAbroad for being a tool for me in getting a job abroad. If it weren't for you guys, many professionals would still be lining up in different agencies until now just to land a job overseas.

WorkAbroad eases the application process and makes life uncomplicated for both jobseekers and agencies. I guess my story is just like the same as others.  It is a mixture of luck, patience, and perseverance.  I'm working right now in a Call Center in Ortigas as an IT Supervisor. And I know you want to know why I am looking for another job.  Being an IT Supervisor compensates me big time but due to monetary crisis we are currently experiencing, I guess it's not enough. That is why I was seeking for a greener pasture in a foreign land.

It was a friend of mine who suggested that I look for a job using your site.  I've been using it for quite a while now and I guess the fruit of my patience is the recent job offer I got.  It was worth checking your site everyday.

I would like to wish your site all the best and I know that there will be more job seekers like me that you can help.  God Bless and more power.


-Alex Encinares
Alex applied with Finest Asia Resources, Inc. through WorkAbroad, and landed a job as an IT Specialist (Infrastructure) with NO placement fee. His employer paid for everything including his plane ticket.

-Alex Encinares
IT Specialist (Infrastructure)

Since I have unlimited access to the Internet in our office, I registered my husband in He already worked abroad in hotel management and probably because of that, various agencies kept contacting him for interviews since day one of membership at WorkAbroad.

On May 21, 2005, Gulf Horizon called him up to inform him to report to the agency for an interview with the principal sponsor.  Before making up his mind, he asked for my consent first and I told him to go and try his luck telling him maybe that's God's gift for him since it’s his birthday.  So come Monday, he went to Manila from Pangasinan where we reside to attend the interview.  Praise Him, He gave this job truly for my husband.  He flew in KSA June 13, Monday, as a Front Office Clerk/Bellman in Radisson Hotel.

According to my hubby, Filipinos working in the same hotel are treated well, their accommodations & food are all for free and junior executives are friendly and hospitable.

I am always so happy to hear stories regarding his work there.  I feel so calm and peaceful because I know he's in good condition.  And for that wonderful experience my husband's sharing, I cannot help but thank again and again,


-Ofella Rovilos
Ofelia’s husband applied to Gulf Horizon through WorkAbroad and is now working in Radisson Hotel in Saudi Arabia as a Front Office Clerk/ Bellman.

-Ofella Rovilos
Front Office Clerk/ Bellman

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Inspire others by sharing your success stories. Click here to post your success story.

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