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Here are some successful applicants that got their jobs through!
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Paulino Duco Facun Jr. IIIDati pangarap ko lang makapag work abroad ngayon natupad na! I'm working as a company photographer in Ethiopia, thank you!

-Paulino Duco Facun Jr. III

Bismarc PelotaNovember 8, 2015 nang umuwi ako ng Pilipinas galing Saudi. After one month binalak kong bumalik ng Maynila upang mag-apply. Isang araw nagkita kami ng kaibigan ko na galing din Saudi at nabanggit ko sakanya na balak kong bumalik ng Maynila upang makapag-apply ulit. Sabi nya sakin "Pre, wag ka nang magpunta dun. Try mo na lang mag-register sa para di ka na gumastos papuntang Maynila. Yung mga agency na mismo ang tatawag sayo." Kaya kinabukasan nag-register agad ako sa WorkAbroad at ang dami ngang agency na agad tumawag. Kaya laking tulong talaga ang sa akin, mabilis ang pag-apply at iwas gastos pa.

-Bismarc Pelota
Machine Operator

Bob TuertoWay back 2006, I got a chance to work as Shift Supervisor at Steakhouse Restaurant here in Saudi Arabia through the help of I'm really thankful for the opportunities and as of now, Im currently working as Director of Operations and Business Development running a medium size company. Thank You WorkAbroad!

-Bob Tuerto
Director Of Operations and Business Development

Way back 2007, I saw a sticker in a taxi: I'm not quite sure when I made my account here. But then, on Feb 2008, I received a call from one of the recruiters of Krisalis Construction Inc that I was shortlisted for a job in Libya. At first, I thought it was a prank call as I have not applied for any job in Libya. They later on informed me that they got my details from I submitted all the requirements they asked for and got deployed to Libya on June 2008. I was then employed by STRABAG International GmbH, which is one of the largest construction company in Europe. Until now, I am still working for STRABAG. I am very thankful for and for Krisalis Construction Inc, they gave me a chance to prove my worth.

-G. R. Gene Molina CaƱete

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Inspire others by sharing your success stories. Click here to post your success story.

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