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I was working freelance in January 2010 when one of my clients told me about this website ( Curiosity hits me, I browse on it and sign up for an account. In 3 days time recruitment agencies started to call me for my availability for a job interview. But I was short on budget to attend those interviews in Manila, so I browse on some agencies with branches in the Visayas. It was May 2010 when I happen to apply on a job for KSA hoping that my interview will only took place on their branch in Cebu. Surprisingly, the agency called asking me to submit my documents. I was hired and there is no need for an interview because the employer already viewed my CV in WorkAbroad. Now I’m looking forward for my first vacation back home. Thanks to the easiest and the fastest way to land a good job. More power...


Rey Francisco Boyles Pamalaran

Rey was hired by JS Contractor, Inc as Architect and was deployed on August 2010.