is newest online hub dimensioning the two major job hunting sites in the Philippines, and By creating an account at, a member gets double-quick updates and apply to both local and abroad job vacancies posted in two giant job centers.
After synchronizing your accounts, your login IDs for both websites still exist. However, you can only edit your information in but all the changes/updates done will appear in your and accounts.
Your previous applications on both websites retain and can still be seen in Your Dashboard shows the following menus: Employer Request, Online Applications, E-mail Applications and Resume Views. From these, you can view the details of your applications for the past six months. You may also check these information in the left-side task pane. shows both local and jobs abroad. A new tab will open upon clicking the job position you chose as seen in your homepage. You will be routed to, depending on the type of job you clicked.

Click the Online/Attached Resume bar found under My Resume panel then you will be routed to another page where Online Resume and Attached Resume tabs are. The first tab shows your online resume with options to print or save your resume as Word file. The second tab, Attached Resume, is where you can either download or remove your attached resume.
Go to Photo banner found under My Resume. Click Choose File button and Upload Photo to upload or change your picture. Don't forget to crop the image before saving it.
At your Homepage, find and click Employer Request menu to view the list of companies and their requests, if any. You can either reject or accept the request by just clicking any of the two.
To view the list of your applications , go to Online Applications. This menu shows the position title, recent position status (if the position is already filled or still open), company name, number of resume views, application status (whether received, sourced from database, shortlisted, kept for reference, deployed, blacklisted or rejected), date followed-up, and action wherein you can withdraw or follow-up your application.

Email application records the list of employers where you sent your resume’. Resume’ Views let's you see

the companies that viewed your resume’ and the date they checked it.

Follow these steps to retrieve your password:
  • Go to the Login page then click the Retrieve it here link.

  • Provide the email address you used to register in on the pop-up box and hit Retrieve Password. .

  • Your password will be automatically sent to your e-mail. 

Go to Account Settings found at the left-side pane and click Login Details to change your password. 
Under Resources menu, click Personality Test. Results will show after saving the 46 answers to the questions given. There's a link under it that enables you to keep the results unseen by the employers.
You can like or follow and in Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates.
Click Job Alerts & Newsletter under Settings. If you want to receive WorkAbroad/Jobopenings job alerts, click yes then choose your best three (3) desired positions and save it.
The Availability and Preference button can be found under Account Settings that allows you specify your preferred details.
Under Account Settings, click Resume’ Status to manage your resume’s privacy. You can activate to make your resume visible or make it hidden to employers, hide or show your contact details with options until when will it be shown.
In your Home page under My Resume menu, find and click Personal Information to edit your name, address, birth date, etc. Use the other sub-menus under this panel to edit also your education, work experience, trainings/seminars attended, etc. 
Click Testimonials under Resources. This will direct you to a page that shows the OFWs' success stories. 


At the left-side task pane below the menus, find and click Share Your Workabroad Story banner. If your story will be chosen, it will be featured in Testimonials page.

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