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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

SAR 1500.00

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Apply Until: Oct 16, 2019
POEA License No: POEA-033-LB-022020-R

7th Floor Vernida IV Bldg., 128 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Male23 Years Old and AboveWith or Without ExperienceFilipinoAt Least High School Diploma
For manpower pooling only. No fees in any form and/or purpose will be collected from the applicants. Beware of illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

This position is considered as an entry level position for those who aim to work in the food service industry. A Runner, Commis (in French) is a key person in the restaurant. He represents the link between the dining room and production sections (kitchen and counter). A hard working Runner will usually end up being a successful waiter in the restaurant.


Daily Duties and Responsibilities 

1. Maintaining Standard Procedures

A Runner is the connecting joint between the serving staff and the kitchen, his presence in the working place, as well as his commitment to the job make up the foundation for an excellent service which in return ensures an overall enjoyable dining experience for the guests. A Runner has to always and at all time:

  1. Follow all policies and procedures of the company
  2. Be committed to implement service standards (service sequences) and understand that these have been developed to maintain a consistent brand image.

2. General duties

One of the most important traits of a Runner is his sense of duty and perfectionism. A good Runner is one which always does what he needs to do to the best of his abilities in spite of the many varying challenges. Such duties usually consist of:

  1. Respecting your schedule
  2. Being on time in the work place depending on your shift.
  3. Getting acquainted with the history of the restaurant and the brand identity.
  4. Getting familiar with the managers and the owners.
  5. Ensuring a high standard of personal grooming and hygiene and maintaining a professional appearance at all times.
  6. Completing all established set-up duties on time as well as following restaurant opening & closing procedures.
  7. Constantly checking the overall cleanliness and tidiness of work area, especially his/her section.
  8. Being part of any shift briefing and ensuring a smooth transition and handover between shifts without disturbing the guest.
  9. Never changing your working station, without the consent of the manager on duty.
  10. In the case of absence, or having to leave for any reason during working hours, asking the responsible team leader or manager for consent, and then asking someone to watch your section during your absence.
  11. Being aware of and adhering to all procedures related to security measures such as: fire, safety, health, or hygiene…
  12. Punching clock in full uniform, ready to work, and no earlier than five minutes prior to shift.

3. Service Duties

In addition to his or her general attitude of tidiness, and meticulousness in the more specific sense of the word “duty” a Runner also has certain tasks that he or she needs to perform on daily basis that make up a very big part of the job. Such tasks commonly consist of:

  1. Setting up the expedition area at the beginning of every shift.
  2. Communicating between the kitchen and the service staff to ensure quality and accuracy of orders.
  3. Verifying order accuracy, and quality.
  4. Communicating with management and servers in regards to menu changes all throughout service (86 items, specialties and others).
  5. Prepare cutlery, plates and trays for service efficiency.
  6. Delivering food and beverages to the correct tables, and outside delivery
  7. Greeting guests professionally at the table while serving.
  8. Serving food and beverages according to the set standards.
  9. Removing dishes from tables and cleaning the table
  10. Stacking dishes and cutlery back up in the work stations after they were cleaned in the kitchen.
  11. Completing side duties as required including restaurant set up and takes downs as well as various cleaning duties and special assignments.
  12. Following checklists and standard operating procedures (SOP's).
  13. Being responsible for constant sanitation, organization, and proper food handling.
  14. Preparing work area for opening, mid-shift, or closing in accordance with company standards.
  15. Polishing all service ware whenever possible.
  16. Cleaning and replenishing food condiments at the end of the day, or shift if required

4. Guest Care

Finally, a Runner is before anything a source of hospitality. Treating customers with the highest degree of care is the purpose of every Runner, which means that you should always try to:

  1. Help your guests as much as possible.
  2. Avoid any long conversations at any particular table. This will let other guests feel abandoned.
  3. Welcome and farewell guests warmly at all times.
  4. Constantly smile as genuinely as possible whenever you have eye contact with any guest.
  5. Maintain a warm and hospitable relationship with all of your guests.


1. Qualifications and Abilities

What kinds of candidates are apt to becoming Runners? The profile of a Runner is one of a hard working perseverant individual. Before anything in order to become a Runner one has to have a certain set of prerequisites and qualifications most of them retaining to his, or her general attitude. A candidate for a Runner position must consequently: 

  1. Have fair knowledge of food & beverage products.
  2. Have good people skills.
  3. Have a great teamwork spirit.
  4. Always smile and have a hospitable personality.
  5. Perfectly respect his/her appearance and grooming standards.
  6. Be able to serve all kind of guests.
  7. Be courteous and patient.
  8. Be able to easily communicate in Arabic for the most part, as well as in English a plus.

Career development

1. Training:

Training and development department will support you with all needed on-job and off-job trainings.

2. Career Advancement:

A hard working Runner can be promoted to waiter. This promotion is subject to position availability and competent evaluation results.  


This job description is not an exclusive or exhaustive list of all job functions that an employee in this position may be asked to perform.




I have read this Job Description and agree to carry out all the responsibilities and duties of this position carefully and to the best of my ability