On the 23rd of November, WorkAbroad.ph released the 2016 Overseas Land-Based Jobs and Salary Report presenting the constantly evolving international labor market trend. The study is based on overseas jobs posted by POEA-licensed agencies at WorkAbroad.ph from January to September 2016.


The first highlight of the report reveals that 6 Middle East Countries still lead the top 10 countries of deployment with most jobs for OFWs. Saudi Arabia remains to be the top OFW destination for the past two years, with 39% contribution to the total OFW jobs. Other Middle East countries that dominated the list are Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman followed by United States of America (USA), New Zealand, Brunei Darussalam, and Australia.


Among the OFW jobs in this period, Engineering is still the top specialization with most jobs for professional workers contributing 26% to the total OFW jobs. Other specializations that made it to the list are General Work, Hospitality, Nurse/Medical Support & Assistant, Manufacturing/Production Operations, Maintenance/Repair, Personal Care, Sales, Clerical/Administrative and Arts/Creative/Graphics Design.


As for the highest paying OFW jobs, Doctors remain to be on top of the list having an average monthly income of PhP111,620.00 and with Pediatricians and OB Gynecologists getting the highest salaries. Process Design & Control/Instrumentation lands second followed by Public Relations/Communications, Aviation, Aircraft Maintenance, Law/Legal Services, Education/Training & Development, Quality Control/Assurance, IT-Related, Engineering-Related and Architecture/Interior Design.


In this period, it is shown that United Arab Emirates emerges as the highest paying country of deployment for OFWs where Doctors are still being paid the most. Coming in next are Qatar and Canada with Aviation/Aircraft Maintenance and Nurses/Medical Support & Assistant earning the highest salaries, respectively.


As the overseas career partner of Filipinos, WorkAbroad.ph constantly educate the job seekers on working and living abroad through projects and campaigns in cooperation with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). With the 2016 Overseas Land-Based Jobs and Salary Report, WorkAbroad.ph aims to guide aspiring OFWs in pursuing the right overseas job opportunities, encourage them to broaden their knowledge and increase their global marketability.


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