More and more Filipinos are looking forward to working abroad to hone their expertise and earn thicker paychecks for a brighter future. Accelerating your career from being locally employed to going global does not need to be strenuous and time-consuming. Here are some advice to help you take the first steps to your dream overseas career while keeping your local employment/job:
1. Find the best overseas job opportunities at on your free time. Online job hunting is one of the smartest and economical means to start your career move as you won’t have to brave the traffic and personally visit each agency to submit your applications before their offices call it a day.
2. Maximize your time when obtaining your primary documents like passport, authenticated birth certificate and school credentials. Set an online appointment with the necessary offices and avail their delivery service.
3. Keep your telephone lines open. Upon signing up and creating a WorkAbroad profile, expect to receive calls from different POEA-licensed agencies. Prepare for possible telephone and video interviews.
4. Take the PEOS Online to learn more about the overseas job application process, employment, and how to cope with the new environment. The online modules will serve as your guide in your overseas career plan.
5. Research ahead. Besides taking the PEOS Online, research on your desired job destination including its people, culture, and the experiences of the Filipinos residing there. Check OFW forums on the internet and on social media.
Applying for a job abroad is a big leap but with appropriate planning and preparation, you will be sure to land an overseas career smoothly. Let POEA-licensed agencies reach you, build your online profile now with now!