Dubai, considered as one of the richest cities in world, is among the top destinations of Filipinos who plan to work abroad. The city’s rapid economic progress opened the doors to job opportunities not just for its locals but also for foreign workers including Filipinos. In fact, majority of Dubai’s current population are foreigners from different countries like India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Things You Can Do:

Despite the diverse cultures present in Dubai, Arabs’ tradition remains respected and observed. However, overseas workers or expatriates who are non-Muslims can still enjoy the following:

  1. Eating pork except during the Ramadan season. There are supermarkets and restaurants that sell this kind of meat.
  2. Wearing modest non-traditional Muslim attire. Revealing clothes should still be avoided.
  3. Wearing a swimsuit at the beach or resort. Make sure to cover up when you walk away from the beach or pool.
  4. Going to amusements parks, malls, and bars.
  5. Sharing a house with friends to minimize expenses. Only married couples can stay together under one roof.

Things to Avoid:

Like other Islam countries, residents of Dubai are expected to avoid the things that are considered taboo for Islam like:

  1. Taking pictures of local citizens especially women wearing their traditional attires and government-owned establishments like airport, military camps, etc. 
  2. Exhibiting Public Display of Affection (PDA).
  3. Eating and drinking in front of Muslims and in public places during the Ramadan season.
  4. Touching, hitting or tapping someone else’s head.
  5. Performing illegal acts such as carrying pornographic materials, alcohol and illegal drugs, walking topless in any place and wearing above-the-knee shorts. 


  1. Always bring your passport and iqama. If you are with your spouse, always bring a copy of your marriage certificate wherever you both go.
  2. Respect Muslims in practicing their religion.
  3. Apply for a liquor license to purchase alcohol in supermarkets and licensed bars.
  4. Use your right hand when greeting and handing things to local citizen of Dubai.
  5. Always bring your doctor’s prescription and letter of permission when carrying pills or other medicines.


It is important to keep in mind that although Dubai is an open-city, it is still within the Arab Emirate region. Following their law and respecting their culture are vital to assure that working and living in the city will be fun and trouble-free.

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