More and more Filipinos are planning to work abroad making it vital for aspiring OFWs to master the safety precautions in finding overseas jobs and learn the tips to avoid illegal recruitment. Fortunately, there are specific measures one can take to find legitimate overseas jobs easily. Follow these guidelines and successfully pursue your dream career abroad:


  1. Deal only with POEA-accredited recruitment agencies. You can verify their POEA license status by visiting the POEA’s official website or the POEA mobile app.
  2. There are illegal recruiters who use the names of licensed agencies to attract more applicants. Oftentimes, their contact numbers, email and office addresses do not match the real agency’s POEA-registered information so make it a habit to double check these details.
  3. Transact business inside the POEA-registered office address only.

Should the recruitment happen outside the agency’s office, ask for the Special Recruitment Authority (SRA) issued by the POEA.

  1. Check if the job you are applying for has a POEA-approved job order. You may visit the POEA website to verify.
  2. Be cautious when engaging with online and blind job ads. Do not transfer fees on a P.O. Box or via money transfer services. Remember, recruitment agencies are not allowed to collect fees from applicants during the application phase.
  3. Travel agencies, training centers and immigration consultancy offices are not authorized to recruit and deploy workers. Drop all overseas job application transactions with these firms.
  4. A documented OFW uses work visa. Even if your work location has a “no tourist visa” policy, you still need to secure a work visa and work permit.
  5. Be wary when you are offered to leave through some airports or seaports in the southern part of the country. This scheme is addressed as a “backdoor exit” scheme.
  6. Stay away from recruiters offering faster deployment by bragging connections with the Immigration Office at the airport.
  7. One of the best ways to find the right job abroad is to empower yourself before making a decision. Take the PEOS Online to learn more about documentary requirements and the proper application procedures. It is free and may be taken anywhere at your own pace.


There are many ways to find overseas jobs but it is important to take extra caution to avoid illegal recruitment. Follow advisories from the POEA and visit for more OFW advice. With, you may choose from thousands of overseas jobs posted by more than 500 POEA-licensed agencies.