Here are some tips to give you an idea about the path you wish to take and give you basic information about the overseas employment procedures to help you decide if working overseas is the best decision for you and your family.

1. Prepare a well-written resume or curriculum vitae.

Your resume should briefly show that you are qualified for the position you are applying for. For faster, easier and convenient overseas job application, create your job seeker account here.

2. The key to any successful venture is proper preparation.

Start by making necessary steps to ensure that your journey towards your overseas dream will be smooth and hassle-free.
Prepare needed documents beforehand. It would be wise if you are ready to present the usual documents that are required for job application:
  Valid Philippine passport
  School diploma
  Transcript of Records
  Valid Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID, if applicable
  Employment certificates
  Training/seminar certificates
  Valid TESDA Certificate, if applicable
  Valid NBI Clearance (for travel abroad)

3. Do your own research.

Check if your profession or skills are in-demand abroad and the countries where you can get a job. You can read about your target country of destination or the employer to prepare yourself for the adjustments you need to make.

4. Enhance your skills.

Be thirsty for new knowledge because the work environment abroad may be more demanding and competitive. Attend trainings and seminars that will upgrade your skills. This would give you an edge over other applicants and increase your chances of getting hired.

5. Attend PEOS.

If you wish to see yourself leading a fruitful career in a foreign country, the first thing that you should do is gather as much information about overseas employment as you can. So aspiring OFWs are advised to attend the Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar or PEOS. This seminar is free and conducted at the POEA office from Monday to Friday, at 9am and 2pm.

For more details, read Work Abroad Safely.