As of April 2015, NBI Clearance Centers no longer accept walk-in applicants. So before rushing to the NBI Center, follow these steps:


1. First, go to

2. Provide the required details in the "FIRST TIMER or NEW APPLICANT" box. Make sure that the e-mail address you enter is valid and active.

3. After reviewing your information, tick the box beside "I ACCEPT TERM OF SERVICE". Click the "SIGN UP" button.

4. A window will prompt with the heading "ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS". Click "I AGREE" when you finished reading it.

5. You will then be directed to NBI's application information page. Fill out the form correctly.  Click the "SAVE INFORMATION". You can always change your details by clicking the "EDIT INFORMATION".

6. Click the "APPLICATION FOR CLEARANCE" button. Choose "NEW" or "RENEWAL" from the drop down list.

7. Type the valid ID you will use when processing your clearance.

8. Click the "I AGREE" button when done.


Paying and Setting an NBI Appointment

1. Under the payment option, choose payment method. You can pay online, through various payment centers, and at the NBI Center.

2. Schedule your visit to the NBI Clearance Center. From the drop down menu, select the NBI Branch you prefer. Set the date and time most suitable for you.

3. In the "PAYMENT INFORMATION" box, click on the "PURPOSE" of your application.

4. Under the "PURPOSE DETAIL", click appropriate answer (e.g. FOREIGN EMPLOYMENT for OFWs or those who plan to work abroad).

5. You will see the amount you have to pay. An NBI Clearance required by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA costs P165. For VISA and other overseas job requirements, the fee starts at P115. Remember that this amount is not yet final. There are service fees when you pay through banks or payment facilities outside NBI.

6. Print your NBI Clearance Application form. If you cannot have a printed copy, make sure you copy the reference code. You will need this in processing your clearance.


Going to the NBI Clearance Center



1. Go to the NBI Clearance Center on the day of your appointment. Bring the valid ID you specified online.

2. Ask the officer in charge on the steps to follow. If you paid your NBI Clearance fee beforehand, you are ready for verification and Biometrics. 

3. Your photo will then be taken. Afterwards, you will be directed to the window where you will claim your NBI Clearance. To those who have verification problems (those who have "HITS"), the NBI personnel will advise when you have to go back. 


The hours spent on long lines have been replaced by a few clicks online. Once you have successfully accomplished everything online, getting an NBI Clearance is easier and faster.