Before the pandemic, we took many things for granted when it came to office life. Location and commute used to be the top two critical factors when it comes to deciding what company to join. But since the onset of COVID-19, more workers have opted for a work-from-home arrangement. Some employees have even decided to relocate outside Metro Manila completely.   

With the change in mindset, JobStreet is eager to adapt to the changing needs of jobseekers and hirers.  

In partnership with DOLE*, the upcoming Virtual Career Fair from May 1-3, 2021 aims to expand more opportunities to jobs in the provinces, catering to the growing demand for more jobs outside NCR.  

Here are some questions and answers you might find helpful in applying to the Virtual Career Fair. Please bookmark this page so you can refer to it in the future!  


1. What is the Virtual Career Fair (VCF)?  


The VCF is an online event in which employers and jobseekers meet in a virtual environment to exchange information about available jobs in the country.  

Technology is your partner if you are looking to find work this year. JobStreet’s Virtual Career Fair is a hiring strategy available in the digital space. Like other online events, it eliminates geographic boundaries, so candidates like you will get the chance to engage with companies from different parts of the country. All you need is stable connectivity, a ready resume, a positive mindset, and you’re all set!  


2. Do I need a JobStreet account to apply?  

The job applicant must have an account with If the applicant has no account, the applicant must create an account by visiting Here’s how:  


Go to  

Click on the ‘Free Sign Up’ button.  

Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password. Click on ‘Sign Up’.  

Fill in your basic information and preferences for job matching purposes. Click on ‘Next’.  

Fill in your highest qualification and latest work experience to start creating your Profile.  

Click on ‘Complete’. You will be prompted to validate your email address next.  


3. What is the advantage of participating in the Virtual Career Fair?  

First, you gain access to an extensive database of companies and find the best ones you feel like applying for right on the spot.  

Second, the hiring process is accelerated because hirers screen resumes online and meet candidates on one digital platform.  

Finally, it’s the safest way to find a job at the moment. Health is our main concern, and minimizing face-to-face meetings can save you from unnecessary stress. Instead, you can make use of your time in preparing for online job interviews.  


4. What and where will the jobs be located?  

For this Virtual Career Fair, many of the jobs are located in various provinces to answer the increasing demand of workers who have started relocating to the provinces. More industries outside Metro Manila have begun advertising for roles that may be suitable for your skillset. For example, healthcare-related jobs are most sought after in Iloilo, while customer-service specialists are the most in-demand in Davao. Meanwhile, available jobs in the SME sector include clerical administrative support, education, food and beverage service, and retail and merchandise.  


5. Can we revisit the VCF even after the event dates?  

Yes, the details of the HIRERS will be available on the VCF page. Additionally, you can check out more job postings on our leading portal at  


All set? The Virtual Career is now open for pre-registration. Don’t forget to save the date on May 1-3 to participate online. It’s your unique chance to have a fulfilling and lucrative career while remaining close to home. See you at the Virtual Career Fair!  






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