Overseas Filipino workers can participate to the national elections held in the Philippines, wherever they maybe. Thanks to the Overseas Absentee Voters or OAV program of the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

OFWs can verify their registration on the page that Comelec provided. Click here to go to the page.

Registration passed to Comelec before August 28, 2015 can be verified from the page.

To verify:

  1. Encode the information in the NAME fields, like what you have provided in your registration form.

  2. Type in your complete Middle Name, or your Middle Initial if you have done so with your previous registration.

National Registry of Overseas Absentee Voters    Commission on Elections.png

  1. For those with extension names, like Juniors/Jr., Sr., II, III or Maria/MA., simply follow the instructions on the National Registry of Overseas Absentee Voters page.

  2. Click the ”SEARCH” button.


  • If you don’t have or don’t use a middle name, simply put an underscore (_), a hyphen/dash (-), an asterisk (*) or a dot/period (.)

  • If your name has an “Ñ” on it, pressed Alt+165 to encode the letter.

  • There maybe cases where “Ñ” was encoded as simple “N” instead, so try this if typing “Ñ” fails your verification.