Are you having difficulties attracting desired applicants to your agency? Maybe the position you're looking for is too specialized or niche. Perhaps you need a more constant pool of applicants for your hiring needs. Or you feel that your job postings aren't getting enough attention, and you want more people to see them. 

WorkAbroad has a solution for you. Promoted jobs is a new offering designed to give your job posting preference in the WorkAbroad search results and/or other job listing pages. In a nutshell, it means you'll be given top spot in an applicant’s search results page.

What can Promoted jobs do for you?  

  1. Boost your job ads and display them as the first search result on top of the list on the job search page.  

  1. Have your ads appear on relevant search queries provided by the job seekers.  

  1. Experience exclusive feature as only two promoted jobs will be shown per results page.  

  1. Ads will be available in both desktop and mobile view.  


What can you expect from Promoted jobs?  

  1. Increased exposure to desired talent and potentially attract more applications. 

  1. Capture job searchers' attention first and let them see your ads BEFORE they click on other agencies' job ads. Get a chance to become the top choice of applicants in no time!   

  1. Maximize the exposure of your ad because of its exclusivity and availability on both desktop and mobile.  


While not all situations may need a Promoted job, there may be instances where investing a bit more will prove to reap you more rewards in the future. In this ever-changing landscape of recruiting talent for abroad, it pays to always be on the lookout for new ways on how you can stand out.   

Want to know more if Promoted jobs are the best fit for you? We're always happy to help with your concerns. Talk to your Account Manager or contact us at [email protected] for the best package that suits your needs.