While we wait for global borders to open and continue the process of deployment, hirers like you should still be preparing to invest in quality job ads to bring in the right candidate for your needs. Why? Getting talents who may not be fit for your open job positions may be costly, so it’s better to be prepared as early as now. What’s the best way to get started? Through creating effective quality job ads. 


POEA has already set out official guidelines for companies in recruiting candidates. To make it easier for you to be POEA-compliant, WorkAbroad has launched a new job ad creation tool that will help you to be:

  • Clear and transparent about requirements
  • Informative and detailed about the job description
  • Compliant to POEA guidelines

Introducing the Revamped Job Ad Creation Tool

Our new tool protects you for potential legal implications AND makes sure you attract the best candidates for the job. What’s the anatomy of an ideal job ad? Here are the features of the new tool for a quality job ad post every time.


Job Ad Sections 

Job Ad Details 

Job Ad Creation Tool Updates (New Features) 

Agency Details  





POEA License No. 


Foreign employer / Principal details 


Updated with safety features!


For POEA compliance and applicant safety, non-specific employer names will be automatically blocked. (e.g. Prospective Employer, Principal Prospect, Foreign Project)





City and State now included 

POEA Registration/ Accreditation No. 


No. of available job positions 

No. of vacancies 


Job role description 

Job description 


 Minimum of 3 bullet points. 

Also, these fields will block age, gender and contact numbers. For the benefit of the applicant, it will automatically show minimum education and experience requirements. 



Age and/or gender will be displayed if the job ad is for any of the following: 

  1. Household Service Workers - Should be at least 23 years old  

  1. Worksite is an Islamic State and/or Muslim applicants is preferred for the role

Job qualifications 


Additional information 

Employment Terms and Conditions 


You can show here all other perks to attract the best candidates. 


Ex. Benefits, airfare, accommodation type, work hours, probationary period. 


Net of Foreign Income Tax 

This field will automatically match with the currency of the country where the job is located. It will also allow you to display monthly salary ranges. Ex. SGD1,000 – SGD3,000

Placement Fee 

1-month basic salary specified in the POEA approved contract 



This feature will display the range of placement fees required. Ex. PHP50,000 – PHP70,000 



Household Service Workers and employees to be deployed in countries where charging and collection of placement fee is not allowed as per POEA guidelines.

Job Ad documentation 

Approved job order or manpower pooling documents 


You can now upload your POEA-approved job ad documentations. 


The documents are not accessible to candidates. This is for ad details matching purposes only to ensure that ads on the site are POEA-approved.  


Key Tips to Get Started

For the best experience in using WorkAbroad, here are some quick pointers to help you nail that effective and quality job ad.


  1. 1. Proper introductions are necessary. 

Make sure that candidates are aware of who their agency partner is—you. Input your Agency name, complete office address, and POEA License in the job ad. 


  1. 2. Transparency is key. 

Successful candidates must be aware of whom they will be working with overseas. Indicate the Principal/Employer name, registration or accreditation number, address and city/state, and country of deployment. Please note that some words such as prospective project, principal prospect, and similar examples will not be accepted, according to the POEA guidelines. 


  1. 3. Give motivation to applicants. 

State the number of vacancies still available in the position, so candidates also have an idea of the competition and may be inspired to work harder. 


  1. 4. Using the job description, compel candidates by stating the qualifications needed. 

A quality job description can do wonders to attract the right kind of serious candidate. You may state the educational attainment required for the job, the years of experience recommended, and if the candidate has certifications or other skills that can be offered. A minimum of three bullet points is required to describe the position you’re hiring for. 


Under additional information, you may type in the benefits and/or conditions included in the job. Examples of these are airfare, work hours, and probationary period, if applicable. For the best experience, it’s important not to leave this blank.


  1. 5. Be upfront about the salary range. 

It’s best to input the range of what the compensation would be like. Make sure that the currency matches the country of work to avoid confusion in the future. 


  1. 6. Follow the placement fee guidelines. 

As per POEA-guidelines, the one-month worth of the basic salary specified in the POEA-approved contract will be collected, except for positions with no placement fee as pre-approved by POEA.  


  1. 7. Be ready with your Job ad documents. 

You can never over-prepare when it comes to recruitment. Be sure that you have the approved and matching job order or manpower pooling documents on hand. 


Taking the time to create quality job ads will yield quality candidates too. As many scammers and illegal recruiters are out there in the market, top candidates will surely keep you in mind when they start applying and may even recommend you to their network as well. You’ll also have the added benefit of being known as a trusted and credible agency, which will set you apart from your competitors.  


As always, WorkAbroad is here to guide you every step of the way and help you find the right kind of talent for your needs.