Whether you’re applying to become an OFW or you’re already in a different country, here are some tips to find a new job.

The pandemic has affected most of the world, from the Philippines to the United States. This has come in the form of many things: layoffs, new cases every day, the prohibition of mass gatherings, and government-mandated quarantines. If you’ve lost your job during the pandemic, don’t worry—you are not alone.

You may be trying to figure out how to look for a new job now that there’s a pandemic, which has made the process a little bit harder. You’re probably wondering whether there’s even a point to applying during these times. Even if companies won’t be hiring, they’re still looking for applicants and pooling applications for the future.

Here are tips and tricks for you to find a new job—whether you’re applying to become an OFW or you’re already in a different country.

Inquire with your recruitment agency.
There’s no harm in inquiring with your agency if they know of any hirings or have any updates when it comes to jobs. They might also be working from home, but they still have a database to help you get connected to possible jobs in the future.

Network with your connections.
Consider your connections especially during these times. Even though there aren’t any active hirings, it’s still important to keep building and maintaining a relationship with your former coworkers, bosses, and even the friends you’ve made abroad.

Look through online job databases.
Nowadays, many companies are posting their hiring notices online, so look through online job databases like WorkAbroad. Look for “remote work” because this means that you’ll be able to work from home. If your field of work doesn’t cover work-from-home, it’s still worth a shot to look through these job databases because they will give you leads and clues as to what companies are hiring—and when.

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Remember that everyone—including HR managers—is trying to figure out the ins and outs of working remotely, too. It’s important to remember that during the pandemic, everyone is trying to get the hang of work-from-home policies and working remotely. Remember to be patient and not to worry, because when the time comes, companies will be looking.