Wherever you are on the map, whether your area is under community quarantine or not, the truth of the matter is that we’re living in a completely new world, in a completely ‘new normal.’ Gone are the days of mass gatherings and live events; now, we only head out for the essentials, but not without a mask and some sort of protective equipment.
As OFWs, it’s hard to be away from your family during a time like this—their well-being and welfare are your utmost priority and concern, after all. If you’ve encountered setbacks, whether it’s economic, physical, emotional, or whatever form it might take place in, here’s how you can bounce back from it.
Stay level-head and calm—and most importantly, positive.
Whatever the situation is, it’s important to stay level-headed and calm. You won’t be able to think clearly if you’re panicking or feeling anxious, so when you’re facing a setback — be it economic, physical, or emotional — it matters that you stay calm. However, it’s still important for you to feel. Don’t let your feelings stay trapped inside; find healthy ways to let them out. This is important because the first few moments or days dealing with a setback is the most crucial. This is the time you plan your next steps, so keep calm throughout it!
Get in touch with your connections.
If you’re going through an economic setback, it’s important to get in touch with your connections and stakeholders. These can be your family members or relatives, or if you own a business, your staff and customers. Explain to them what’s going on without giving away too much detail. What’s important here is that you reach out to them.
Take a step back and breathe.
One of the most important things, along with staying calm and positive, is the need to take a step back and breathe. Every time you feel like things are getting tough, just take a moment to take yourself out of the situation and breathe. Remember that this will pass.
Consult with family and friends.
When the setbacks happen, remember that you can turn to your family and friends for help and advice. If you need a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on, consider approaching your loved ones and ask for their opinion and advice on what you should do.
Remember that you’re not the only one going through this.
If the setback is emotional, don’t be afraid to seek counsel and help, wherever you may find it. But most importantly, remember that you are not the only person going through what you’re going through. Look for a community—people who have experienced or are experiencing the same thing you are. You can uplift one another with your shared learnings.

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