It has been 9 weeks since the lockdown was implemented—many lives, jobs, and businesses were greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the stress brought to people by the pandemic has never been so high. As we struggle to flatten the curve, our minds get filled with thoughts that can possibly affect our way of living.

The mind tends to be always tired as it gets flooded with uncertainties and fake news going around. It all starts with one simple thought that escalates to multiple thoughts, and that is when a mind begins to drown in the sea of overthinking. As the quarantine extends, people begin to second guess everything, including life choices and personal decisions. People turn into pessimists and little by little, darkness takes place. In the middle of a pandemic, overthinking as a habit can become one’s worst nightmare. Here’s how you can save your mind from overthinking during the coronavirus pandemic:

Keeping yourself updated while maintaining a balance

It is great to keep yourself well-informed, especially in times of crisis–but be sure to maintain a balance on how much information you are going to take in. Keeping yourself occupied on media channels is going to make things worse for you because there is a chance that you’re going to be thinking about the endless possibilities in your head which could possibly ruin your inner peace. As much as possible, avoid fake news and conspiracy theories. It is best that you only interact with credible sources because, the more you dwell in lies, your mind will start taking it as the truth. For one to be able to make informed decisions and not overthink, you should limit your news intake. This is going to help you keep your stress level in check.

Staying positive

Overthinking can result in turning a blind eye to logic and reasoning. If we are consumed by negativity and fear, stress and anxiety will begin to overpower us. Shifting your perspective helps you regain control over your mind. As they say, there are two sides of the coin. Therefore, instead of drowning in your negative thoughts, think about your loved ones who are safe and healthy. In addition to that, learning something new or reflecting can also help you stay positive.

Being active and physically fit

According to various studies, working out daily has shown positive impact on those who take time to keep themselves physically active, as this can reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Being mentally fit gives you better control over your thoughts therefore, resulting in being able to think critically. Staying fit can also boost your immune system which acts as your frontline defense for COVID-19.

Learning something new

As the whole country is in a lockdown, you have plenty of time in your hands–learning a new recipe, skill, or enrolling yourself in a new course can help you divert your negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Learning something new is therapeutic for your soul which can refreshen and uplift your mood.

Keeping in touch with your loved ones

Having someone to talk to during a lockdown can help you relieve stress and anxiety because you are able to get those negative thoughts off your chest. With the advancement of technology, connecting with our loved ones is made easier and convenient especially now that we are facing a global crisis. There are plenty of social media applications that are accessible to anyone and with a few clicks, you are able to see your loved ones on the screen of your smartphone.