Thanks to technology, connecting with your family has become so much easier, even during a global pandemic.

With the world on lockdown because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, individuals and households have found themselves under quarantine in an effort to flatten the curve.

Much of our daily lives have changed: grocery runs involve full protection, from masks to gloves; mass gatherings are now a thing of the past; and most of what we know and do have migrated online, transpiring and occurring on the internet.

Technology and social media have allowed people to keep in touch with their loved ones, especially for OFWs who have always relied on messaging apps and video chats to talk to their families who are in a completely different continent from them.

For the non-tech savvy, here are 7 fun ways to keep in touch with your family even during a global pandemic.

  1. Messenger for fun filters
    Pretty much everyone has a Facebook account, and even if they didn’t, one can sign up for a Messenger account even without an account on its main platform! On Messenger, you and your loved ones can video chat and put on fun filters on your faces while you do so!
  2. Zoom and Google Hangouts for screen sharing
    On Zoom and Google Hangouts, two video chatting platforms originally designed for business meetings—and are still being used for exactly that—many people have found the screen sharing option to be handy. Some use it to share a game called Jackbox, available on Steam, where players can play from the comfort of their own homes, even if they aren’t physically present together. You can also just use the apps for plain old video chatting, which during these times is very precious and much-needed.
  3. Telegram for in-app text games
    The messaging platform Telegram can also be used for quick rounds of fun with your loved ones and friends. To start, search Quizarium in the search bar, and then follow the instructions from there. You can play trivia games in text format, or even Cards Against Humanity, too.
  4. Random reminders of positivity through iMessage’s Animoji
    If you have Animoji, you can send your loved ones little reminders of positivity and love through Animoji. Be a cat, a dog, a frog, or even a robot, and tell them how much you love them—it will surely put a smile on their faces.
  5. Netflix Party to watch your favorite shows and movies
    If you and your family or friends have a favorite show or movie, or even if you’re starting a new one, you can watch together through Netflix Party, an extension for Google Chrome. You simply install it, turn it on, and you can even chat through your browser.
  6. Share your phone screen through Squad
    On Squad, you and your family can online shop together, so bring your shopping buddy with you and share your screen through it. You can also do other things like watch YouTube and TikTok videos together. Whatever you can do on your phone, you can do with your loved one—even if they’re miles away.
  7. Sing karaoke through Smule
    If you have always considered yourself to be a karaoke queen or king, download Smule and start a karaoke party with your family and friends! There are plenty of songs to choose from, so go and belt out your favorite and go-to karaoke songs.
At the end of the day, it all comes down to a matter of preference, and which interface you find easiest to use.