Contrary to what other people think, life abroad is anything but routinary. You clock in long hours of doing a tedious job and if you still have energy to spare by end of the day, that is the time you do recreational activities for yourself that brings joy and relaxation.
Who says working overseas is just all about sending money back to Philippines? Make the most out of your experience as an OFW and discover how you can bring back your passion for learning and improvement. Case in point: Xyza Cruz Bacani, a domestic helper in Hong Kong now known globally as a Filipina street photographer.
While not everyone can have the same success story as that of Bacani, her formula can be easily replicated by instilling discipline and practice. It is easy to establish a routine once you were able to adjust to your schedule and the workplace culture. And it is easier to incorporate existing hobbies or interests that you can turn into side hustles. Make time work for you, invest in yourself and commit to be better whichever side hustle you chose.
  1. Cook for other people
    They say, food is life. But cooking and eating by yourself can be a bore. If you love cooking and you know someone, say your employer, co-workers, or friends who cannot cook for themselves or just doesn’t find the time, be an angel in disguise and offer to cook for them for a small fee. Now, you have reason to spend your spare time buying fresh produce in the supermarket and working wonders in your kitchen.

    Cooking for other people can be rewarding. And if your side hustle goes well, you can sell packed lunch to a few friends on a regular basis and even extend your cooking services to include party set meals.
  2. Online Jobs
    Your day job overseas may not be passion-driven, but you can make up for it as your personal time for development. There are a number of freelance websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and other platforms.

    Do you miss writing? You can flex your SEO content writing muscles on a regular basis. Do you easily adapt to a foreign language and wish to coach others? You can be an online English teacher for a few hours a day. You can also apply as a Virtual Assistant (VA) if you wish to help other business operations run smoothly by doing remote administrative tasks.
  3. Buy and Sell
    If you have items you no longer need, you can sell your pre-loved items to earn extra cash. Let go of the clutter and transform it into cash instead.

    Joining Facebook groups and posting in the marketplace is a good way to network with other people. Similarly, you can also download buy and sell apps such as Carousell, eBay, Etsy, letgo, among others.

    This is also a good way to explore e-commerce marketing, which is an upward trend in digital marketing and a viable source of income too.  Who knows, your next goal might be to take a few courses or indulge in self-study on digital marketing. And since you are already in a foreign country, you already know the level-playing field in that area.
Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes discipline, passion, and commitment to stick to your personal goals.Keep an open mind that wherever you may be, opportunities are abundant, as long as you know how to maximize and make full use of them.