Are you a returning OFW dreading the process of getting your overseas employment certificate (OEC) or exemption before heading back to work? Enjoy a faster, easier transaction with the Balik Manggagawa or BM Online System.

What is an overseas employment certificate (OEC)?
An OEC is a clearance issued to an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), known as Balik-Manggagawa (BM) who exits the Philippines for employment purposes. It is proof that one is a legal overseas worker, ensuring government benefits, protection, and assistance. It is a supporting document when applying for loans in the Philippines. The OEC also exempts an OFW from paying travel tax and airport terminal fees.

Who can get an OEC exemption?
A Balik Manggagawa worker with an employment visa/work permit, who has served or is serving his/her employment contract and is:

  • returning to the same employer;
  • returning to the same job site; and
  • has a record in the POEA Database (OFWs who have been previously issued OEC by the POEA at any of its offices or centers: POEA Main Office, Regional Offices, Extension Units, BM Mall Processing Centers, Philippine Overseas Labor Offices abroad)

Considering that as many as 7,000 OFWs apply for an OEC every day during peak seasons, this can be a tedious process for OFWs who are back in the Philippines to spend time with their loved ones. But thanks to the BalikManggagawa Online Processing System, one can forego those long lines and go online instead.

What is the Balik-Manggagawa (BM) Online Processing System?
The Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System, also known as BM Online, is a web-based service that allows vacationing or returning OFWs to get their OEC without having to go to a POEA office. You can create an account, schedule appointments, and fill out forms online. Registration is free.

How do I register for a BM Online account?

  1. Go to
  2. Correctly fill out the information in the New User box. Make sure you use an active email account. Click on the “Sign Me Up” button.
  3. Open your email account, check for an email from POEA, and click on the confirmation link.
  4. You will be redirected to BM Online. A pop-up window will inform you that your account has been activated.

How do I get my OEC Exemption?

  1. In the Already Registered box, enter your email address and password.
  2. After logging in, enter your last issued OEC number.
    1. If the system cannot find your records, you will be redirected to the Appointment page, which means you will have to make a personal appearance at a POEA office to process your OEC.
    2. If your latest OEC number matches your POEA record, the BM Online System will ask you if you’re returning to the same employer and job site. Click yes to confirm then proceed with your online OEC transaction.
  3. Update your Profile Page, which includes your personal data form, contract particulars form, and legal beneficiaries form. Upload your profile picture (make sure it shows your entire face, like your passport photo)
  4. Click on “Acquire OEC or Exemption”
    1. Enter your flight details (your departure date must be within the 60day validity period of an OEC).
    2. Click the Submit button. 
    3. Confirm that you will be returning to the same employer and job site by clicking the Yes button
  5. Wait for the Confirmation Message, which will contain your BM Online OEC exemption number as well as pre-departure instructions at the airport.

What should I do at the airport before my departure?

  1. To avail of your exemption from paying travel tax and terminal fees, present any of the following at the MIAA and airline counter:
    1. valid work visa or work permit
    2. valid employment contract 
    3. current employment certificate
    4. company ID
    5. latest payslip
  2. Check in at your airline counter.
  3. At immigration, present your valid passport and work visa or work permit.