It’s quick and easy too!
While the living situation abroad is oftentimes better than how it is in the Philippines, the truth of the matter is it’s the cost of living is also more expensive. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, you’re probably back home with your family and you’re out spending time with each other — but the reality is you’ll also be spending money, so if you’re a Filipino working abroad, be sure to follow these money-saving tips!   
Save while you’re still abroad.
20% is a good amount to save — it won’t be too heavy on the pocket and it’ll give you a good leg up because it’s not too small.
Have a budget before flying home.
Before you even book your trip back to the Philippines, make sure that you already made a budget for this trip. Calculate how much you’ll spend for accommodation (if you plan to spend Christmas at a resort or hotel, etc), transportation, food, and of course: gifts!  
Make a list.
Make a list of all the people you need to bring or buy gifts for. This way, you won’t go over or under your budget. You’ll know exactly how many people you need to shop for. When you make your list, set a budget for each person: something like, family and close friends can get a higher amount, while extended family and acquaintances (if you choose to shop for them) can get a lower amount.
Give gifts that value experiences rather than the items themselves.
Sometimes, it’s better to give gifts that value experiences or add to something.  Instead of giving someone whatever is the fad at the moment, give them gifts that will increase in value overtime. This way, you’re technically saving money because your gift will be useful in the long-run.  
Manage your finances. Keep track of your finances.
Keep receipts if you can, and use a budget app or the notes app in your phone to record your finances. If you know how much you’re spending, you’ll know how much you’re saving (or overspending).
Learn that it’s okay to say no.
It’s Christmas, so it’s tempting to say yes to the whims of your pamangkins and inaanaks. After all, aren’t they so adorable and wonderful? But if you can, learn the value of saying no. Or at least, not yet. If you can, of course, you can say yes, but if money’s getting tighter (and even before it starts!), learn how to say no already. Your family will understand.
Splurge on the right things.
If you do need to splurge, make sure it’s worth it. If it’s an experience your family won’t go through again, maybe the couple extra pesos will make a difference. Just stay conscientious and mindful not to overspend.  
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