Ready to start your new life abroad? Here are some things to consider that will help you with packing your bags.
So you’ve bagged that job abroad. That’s great! Now it’s time to pack! A lot of factors go into deciding what to bring with you to your new life abroad and sure enough it can all get pretty overwhelming. Here’s a list of things to consider that will help you decide what to pack.

1. Sell, Give Away, or Pack?
First, it’s best to organize your stuff into three categories. The first will contain things of value that you don’t really need to bring with you like large pieces of furniture or appliances. If you have the time, you should consider having a garage sale to get rid of these items and make a little pocket money you can use to have fun at your destination. The second category will have things that you can give away to others or donate. These could be clothes you no longer wear or those you feel don’t make the cut for your lifestyle abroad. Perhaps even sheets, beddings and other home goods might go in this category. Once you’ve filtered your things through these categories, you should be left with a smaller pile of things to deal with and an easier time packing.
2. Your Destination’s Climate
When packing clothes, take into consideration the climate of your destination. You might forego thick jackets and boots if you are headed to a place with a warmer climate. Conversely, you might see the need to pack some snow gear if your destination experiences cold weather or harsh winters. Don’t go overboard though! Think it through. If you’re coming into the country at a time when it’s not quite winter yet, a thick jacket or two might suffice for now. You can always go shopping for these things in the future.
3. The Length of Your Stay
Taking the time to consider how long you plan to be living abroad will also help you decide how much things you need to pack. The longer your stay, the more things you might have to bring with you. It will also help you plan out what to do with the items you won’t bring abroad with you. If this is only a short, temporary move, you might see yourself putting your furniture in storage while you are abroad instead of selling them or giving them away.
4. Restricted Items
Research on the laws and regulations on what you are allowed and not allowed to bring into the country you’re headed to. It is usually restricted to bring things like plants and animals into a different country. Also, it will also be good to check what is allowed in your carry-on baggage and what should stay at home or in your luggage. This will save you a lot of trouble during check-in and during airport security checks.
5. Your New Job
Your new job will spell out what your future lifestyle could be like and in turn, this will give you information on what clothes you will need to pack. Are you joining a business firm with a strict business attire or can you go a bit more casual? How do you plan to spend your weekends? Are you an active person who will take time to explore and adventure? Make sure to pack more of what you need and less of what you don’t need.
6. Your Future Home
Find out what your living accommodations will be. You might find yourself in a smaller house depending on the cost of living at your destination. If the company you will be working for plans to provide you with housing accommodations, find out if it will be furnished or not. Knowing this fact will also help you decide whether or not you will need to bring some home essentials overseas.
7. What Makes You Feel At Home
Moving to a different country is a big change that can be difficult to adjust to. So it’s also important to take into consideration the things that will help you settle into your new life and make you feel more at home in a new environment. Items of sentimental value like family heirlooms and keepsakes are important in that they can help you turn your destination into your new home.
If you’ve taken this advice, you now have a smaller pile of things to work with. You’ve also probably narrowed down your list on what you’ll need to bring with you abroad. Make sure to pack only the essentials. The website has plenty of tips on packing for your overseas job! Have a happy trip!